A story about the Gyno…

Male readers: You are hereby allowed to not read further. But, seriously, its just a vagina doctor story. If you ever get married or have daughters, its probably better that you get used to the word and the idea. Vagina is not a dirty word. :)

Anywho. I went for my “Well Woman” exam today. And it reminded me of my first OB/GYN appointment. And I thought I would share:
My mom always told me that I would not have to go to the woman doctor as long as I , you know, buisnessed with a boy. And funny story, when I walked in that evening after , you know, buisnessing for the first time. My mom KNEW. She point-blank asked me; and I was so shocked by the question, I couldn’t even lie. So, anyhow, if I remember correctly my mom made my first girl-doctor appointment the very next day.

And when I first went, I made my boyfriend go with me. I made him come in with me for the whole thing and he held my hand. I was 17. He stayed up be my head, obviously, but he was there. I am sure he was not super comfortable with being there, but he was there. And I remember thinking that he MUST really love me, because most boys of 17 would not accompany their girl friends to the gyno.

Now I am a pro. And going to the Woman Doctor is way less scary that the dermatologist for cancer screening, or the dentist with his evilness. And today I started a new birth control, because after years of taking the pill, I just reached a point where it was a struggle to remember to take my pill. So now, I have the Nuvaring! And I am kind of excited about it. It is supposed to be better with headaches because the hormones are released gradually the entire time, not daily (like the pill) or monthly (like the shot).

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  1. That is hysterical. I am picturing this teenage boy sitting in a waiting room, full of pregnant ladies, and well, women, accompanying his girlfriend to the OB/GYN. He must really have loved you. Unless I’m pregnant, there is no way my Husby would ever join me for the visit.

  2. I heart the Nuva Ring. It’s my favorite!

    Great story.

    I have one for you: how about when a fire broke out in the room next door to me when I was in the awesome paper gown? I didn’t have time to get dressed except put on my jeans under the paper gown. Yeah, that was real cool in front of the hottest firemen I’ve ever seen in my life =)

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