Something really cool!

So, I found this website and I think it’s pretty amazing.

It’s called MyShape. And it’s a clothing website that has a bunch of brands and stuff. It helps you find clothes that FIT and FLATTER you.

All you have to do is input your measurements and answer some questions about the kind of clothes, color palettes you like (I’m a fall), and styles you like (like classic, romantic, trendy, etc) and it recommends a whole bunch of clothes and outfits that will fit you and flatter you.

“A member’s profile consists of her measurements, shape and preferences. Your measurements determine your body shape (M, Y, S, H, A, P, E) as well as the fit of the clothing. Preferences include things such as how you like to wear your clothes, what type of clothing you like and what types of fabrics you prefer.”

I am an M. M’s are: Women with gently defined figures, subtle waistlines and graduated, elongated curves.

  • Proportionate Shoulders, Bust & Hips
  • Often a Straight Shoulder Line
  • Defined Waist
  • Curvy or Rounded Bottom

I then tell it things like I don’t like to wear strapless tops or dresses (the girls are too big). And it builds me my “Personal Shop” filled with clothes that I like and will fit.

AND the coolest thing, is that you can set it so that you don’t have to pick your size, there is an option for your size to get picked FOR you. No more guessing. And you cannot go wrong picking something from your shop, because they were picked KNOWING your measurements.

OH! And they have a “build your own jeans” option. And they have lots of cute jewelery and bags and such.

This is what I ordered. And the first order after creating your personal shop is 15% off!
Isn’t it cute?!

They also have really cute outfits. I really really like this outfit, the coral accents are so cute!

Go check it out, and tell me what you think!

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