This weekend, I am turning 24. Birthdays have always been a big deal to me. I am a big fan of celebrating in general, I love celebrating my friend’s and I love mine too. Ryan’s mom used to joke that I have a birthday MONTH and as soon as Christmas is over talk of my birthday begins. This weekend, I have amazing friends who are coming to make my weekend special (both graduation Saturday and my birthday on Sunday).

Now, it’s not a surprise to any of you that my 23rd year was a bit rough for me. It had some great things; like Ireland and starting to blog. But it also had the stress of my masters thesis and will always be remembered as the year that Ryan and I fell apart. If you would have asked my one year ago where I would be right now, this would not have been it. Never would I have thought Ryan and I would be done, and I would be finishing school and venturing out on my own completely independent and excited. If you had asked me a year ago, I might have shown you a wedding dress I had been secretly coveting. Now, I am showing you my little one bedroom apartment; and I am so proud of it.

24 will be a year of rebuilding and nourishing my soul. I am freaking exhausted. I am emotionally spent. I need some peace and some rest for sure. And that is what I see 24 being; rebuilding, redefining, renegotiating my future.

24 just sounds good. And, really, it can’t get more crazy then this past year. And even if it does– I can take it for sure. If there is ANYTHING I know about myself is that I am stronger and more resilient than anybody can ever fathom.

And following in the footsteps of Kyla Roma, who just celebrated her 24th birthday. Here is my resolutions for my 24th year:

  • Find new passions… take a photography class, volunteer.
  • Make friends in my new home: friends who wish to make the world better and find beauty in everything.
  • Take advantage of being so close to my family.
  • Breathe.
  • Be spontaneous. Travel some. Alone and with friends. Or, alone to friends.
  • Work on being confident in the woman I am… the whole self-doubt, self-deprecation thing is dying with my 23rd year.

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  1. Tear, what a sweet and genuine entry. I can't wait to celebrate your belated b-day on Tuesday! Hope you have a great one Sunday. :)

  2. Have a lovely birthday! What great resolutions, my birthday is the end of the month – I might do the same thing!

  3. Happy 24th!
    I just found you via 20sb and I can tell already I'm going to love your blog :) Your resolutions are wonderful.
    Congrats on finishing your Master's, too!

  4. Happy birthday! Hope you had fun at the Getty on Saturday (we ran into Thomas at Cosi and he told us about it).

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