Monday Funday!

I am sure that you guys understand my lack of posting… or at least I hope you do. I have my internet and such, but I honestly have not had a lot of time to just sit yet!!!

I am almost COMPLETELY done with fixing up the apartment. I just need to find a dining room set…. and then I will show you all some pictures. Here is the new couch that was delivered on Friday and is so freaking comfy I could cry. It is bigger than just a love seat. I can comfortably say across it, which was mandatory for naps.

So, for the most part I am loving being up here. It’s absolutely beautiful, and I really love being near my family again. But there are some things that are just really hard! Obviously, there’s some residual break up things that are compounded by having no friends in the new town… I went grocery shopping Saturday night, and then called my bestie and started crying out of nowhere. Totally bizarre. I have been keeping the upbeat positive thing going, and apparently I was suppressing some loneliness I was feeling.

I was talking to another friend who has gone through a break up and we were talking about how there are just some really little things that just knock the wind out of you while your seemingly doing fine. Grocery shopping was just one of those things I guess. Those of you who have read my blog pre-break up know that I was super in to cooking. I menu-planned and cooked 4/5 nights a week. I loved new recipes. I loved cooking.

I have not cooked anything since the break up. I just haven’t seen the point. I know that I will cook again, but right now it is just a glaring reminder that I am alone.

But I swear most of the time I am doing great.

I got to spend Father’s Day with my dad for the first time since I was 11. Granted he made me watch freaking NASCAR, but it was nice to be able to be there for him!

Oh! and my Grams was super great and wonderful and took me shopping on Saturday!!! I got some really really cute stuff.

For example, some Khaki’s from Gap
An super cute top from Nordstoms:
And this one from Banana:

(Like how I sandwiched the heavy stuff by pictures?! Good.)

6 Responses to “Monday Funday!”

  1. You definitely will cook again. Keep your chin up! Those new clothes rock, too – great casual professional for your new job!

  2. Love those clothes, especially the black top. The cooking will come – maybe try having family over and cook for them. Once you've started again it'll be hard to stop!

  3. Love your coffee table that is in front of your couch =)

    Ah, the residual break-up stuff. Never easy but the good news is it shows up less and less as you go on and since you're so positive and made some great changes for yourself, I have no doubt you'll be just fine!

    LOVE the banana shirt. I may have to go find it!

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