The one where I buy everything in Anthropologie.

I have this friend. A friend I love dearly, but Melissa is VERY dangerous to shop with. Typical conversations include:

Me: OMG, I have wanted a leather jacket forever.
Melissa: GET ONE!

Me: That sweater is ridiculously cute.
Melissa: Totally get it!

Me: These t-shirts are kind of expensive for being t-shirts, but they’re kind of cute.
Melissa: OH MY GOD, if you do not buy that t-shirt in at least 3 colors I will CUT YOU.

That’s right people, my life was threatened. So I bought some t-shirts.

Here are some of my purchases from this weekend, a tour including the Nordstrom sale on Friday and shopping in the city on Saturday. (Oh, and let me include that Melissa has a sister who works at Anthropologie–> so I got a HUGE discount there and at Urban Outfitters.) (Another side note: I have lost a size in pants and shirts, which is awesome but has been used as an excuse for some new clothing items!)

My favorite new thing is this cardigan.
I got some super flattering v-necks from Urban and Gap

These are SERIOUSLY the softest shirts in the world.

Spencer has a thing for boots. So I let him pick some for me to get at the Nordstrom sale. He picked these:

Which I pair with these glorious jeans:
And I totally got the most bad ass ring ever:

How was YOUR weekend!?

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  1. i love those v-necks from gap. they are so soft and awesome. those boots and ring are spectacular. i have been wanting a leather jacket forever, but haven't found "the jacket" yet…ha-ha

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