What A Weekend.

Good Morning!! Happy Monday. Here, have a cinnamon roll..

So, this weekend I was at retreat for the new church I will be going to. It was a blast. Got to meet a whole bunch of new people, hang out more with Stephanie and her roomie, and just get away for the weekend. My phone was off. I rarely new what time it was. It was grand.

There was lots of talking and singing and walking and thinking happening at camp. It was absolutely beautiful up there. And I loved waking up both mornings (even though it was cold) and getting to be out where it was so BEAUTIFUL. It also helped that the retreat center we were at produces the worlds greatest lattes ever.

Saturday we had a WHOLE lot of free time… and there is a wonderful woman who was in my small group that has her nose pierced… and I just kept staring at it. I have wanted to get it done for SO long, but really needed an accomplice on the project. And Stephanie was perfect for it. I googled it, drove down to downtown Santa Cruz and got my nose pierced.



Me and my Accomplice. We are destined for a life long friendship I think.
I even got an award at camp. “Most Extreme Body Modification”…. ha. I am pretty sure most people don’t decide to pierce their nose’s at a church retreat….. but I LOVE it.

The guy who did it was super great, and explained everything in detail. I told him I really wasn’t nervous, I have four tattoos, it couldn’t be worse than that. Than I told him to make sure I didn’t look like an idiot, but otherwise I trusted him to just do it.
Grams is please, I’m sure.
Anyways, great time. Can’t wait to tell you all what ELSE happened this weekend! (Like that little cliff hanger)

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  1. Girl, you look hot with that nose ring! Sounds like a perfect weekend of reflection, friendship and love. Can't wait to hear more on the cliffhanger =)

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