Thanksgiving Love.

Wow.Who knew NaBloPoMo would kill any desire I had to write for a week? Anyone else feel that way?

Alright, hello, good morning, Happy Monday. This “vacation” was way not long enough. It was full of running around, family obligations, and friendly visits… and just enough sleeping in I guess. So that’s good.

Thanksgiving was nice this year. Now that I am here, I didn’t have to travel to be with family, which is a nice change. I got up and leisurely made apple-sausage stuffing– and realized I didn’t have a spice. So, I called my Grams and ran over in my pajama’s to borrow sage. As I was driving over I was struck by how freaking amazing it is that I can just run over to my grandparents house in my pajamas. I love it. I love that I do not have to get on an airplane to visit my family.

Thanksgiving was wonderful. As displayed here by our turkey, that was cooked on a rotisserie and tasted like heaven.
The day after Thanksgiving I made my mom come over to decorate for Christmas. I have been kind of nervous about Christmas here, waking up Christmas morning seems very adult and weird… especially after three years of waking up at Ryan’s parent’s house. It’s not that I think this Christmas is going to be bad, it’s just going to be different. And sometimes I am not so great with change.

My strategy is to hype up Christmas so much, that eventually I will believe it. So, Friday was spend blasting Christmas tunes, drinking a gingerbread latte, and decorating my apartment.

I still need a tree topper, the one that I had purchased last year is WAY to heavy for my little tree… so let’s vote, shall we?

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  1. I like the star. And yay for Christmas. I hope it engulfs you in it's magic soon, I'm sure the beautfully decorated apartment will help!

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