Best of 2009- Best Laugh

Oh boy. Biggest belly laugh? I laughed a lot this year. I was lucky enough to laugh a lot this year.

I laughed hysterically at Jimmie’s birthday party in Hollywood. I remember telling Anthony I couldn’t breath and he said “Bri, if you couldn’t breathe, you’d be dead”. Thanks Anthony. A lot.
I laughed in Sausalito during Olivia and my annual “Soul Weekend”.
But recently, I laughed when my best friend sent me the following to illustrate what she meant by having her bridesmaids in different styles of dress but the same color. Which one to chose now….
This year it has become ever more apparent that laughter is best shared with someone. Laughing alone… never becomes a belly laugh. You might chuckle. Feel amused, but not unless you’re with someone to share the laughter with does it ever elevate to a belly laugh.

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