A very special birthday.

That nice looking gentleman in the middle there with all us kids, that is Grandpa.
That’s my Grandpa.
It just happens to be his birthday today. 
We’re almost birthday twins, us two Gemini’s.
I tell people all the time he’s the greatest man on the planet; and he is.
He smart and feisty (feisty might be an understatement).
He fought in WWII and was a Colonel and J.A.G.
You’ve heard of the McCarthy-Army hearing?  He was there. 
Basically, he’s led QUITE the life.
But that’s not why he’s my favorite person in the world.
He’s my favorite person because in college he started sending my grammar books, because being able to write well was  important.
Now he gives me old copies of Money magazine and books on finance, even one on “The Art of Love”.
He always writes inscriptions because he knows I will keep them forever.
He buys mint chip ice cream just for when I come over for dinner.
He’s cranky and gruff sometime, but I can always get him to smile.
He calls me his miracle and has teared up talking about my to more than one boy I’ve introduced him to.
He has a huge jazz record collection: Miles Davis is his favorite and it is magical to sit with him and listen.
When I was ten I was in a play, and he came even though he had to take out his hearing aid.
He still surprises us with crazy: he’ll burst from inside with water guns blazing, or flip-off a camera… which got this response:
He loves his cat Buddy more than most anything in the world, expect for Grams. 
He calls Grams his soulmate.  
He has taken her around the world and rubs her feet every night. 
Basically, he has set the bar pretty high for my man standard.  He loves me fiercely and unconditionally.  He is patient and loving, generous and good.  He cares most about us; his family. 
In honor of his birthday I wanted to write down the inscriptions he’s thus far written in books for me.  I thought it would be fun, eh?
So, let’s start with the grammar, cause that’s where he started.
Elements of Style Value Package (includes Brief New Century Handbook)
15 Aug 2005
Further clarification or confusion.  Which?
Another means of translating your thoughts to paper.  And- with affection and love.  Grandpa

Common Errors in English Usage 2nd Edition

For the Wizard of English 

Dictionary Of Disagreeable English: A Curmudgeon's Compendium of Excruciatingly Correct Grammar

June 7, 2005 (my 20th birthday)
As a young woman who loves books too much, here with the answer to your need.
Love, Grandpa

Most recently, he ordered this one:
The Art of Loving

True love is a barrier to aloneness.  This is a great book.  Grandpa

“Love consists in this, that two solitudes protect and border and salute each other” Rainer Maria Rilke

“For one human being to love another: that is perhaps the most difficult of all our tasks, the ultimate, the last test and proof, the work for which all other work is but preparation.” Rainer Maria Rilke

Happy Birthday Grandpa.  Thank you for loving me and setting the bar high.

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  1. Way to make me cry at my desk =) I miss my grandpa so much each day. Give your grandpa a hug from me, ok? Happy Birthday to him and I really hope he reads this!

  2. I never knew my grandpas on either side but reading this somehow makes me feel connected to them.

    Cherish yours! I can tell you do. :)

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