What I learned, Soul Weekend 2010.

“Well, what about yourself don’t you know yet?”

Olivia asked me this repeatedly over soul weekend.  It took until sometime on Sunday, while frolicking in San Francisco, for me to stop trying to come up with an answer.  I finally got it. The answer is “nothing really”.

I know exactly who I am.

I know who I am.  {Let me pause, to repeat this}

I’ve spent so much time this past year and a half NOT knowing.  Soul searching.  Having deep conversations.  Ripping out stitches.  Identifying every single scar.  Redefining and categorizing. 

Olivia helped me do this.  That’s what a soul mate best friend is for, in case you didn’t know.  We processed.  We cried.  She carefully coaxed me back.  Provided a safe place where I could be broken and hysterically laughing in the same breath. 

But I get it now.

I am perfectly imperfect.  With conflicting truths living happily together in my body.  I know exactly what I want, who I am, and how I got here.  No excuses.  No need to apologize. 

This soul weekend, I got to just be.  It was perfect.

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  1. I love this so much. That is such a wonderful thing to realize. Yay for you! I love that you have coffee in hand in almost all of your pictures. I think I will start collecting mugs from places I go!

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