Grace in Small Things: Single Edition

I am single.  I don’t know if you’ve heard that yet.


And sometimes I gets me down. Fact.  That is NOT today though.  Today I am writing you to tell you that there are moments of SUCH AWESOME when you’re single.  Like Oprah “Ah-Hah” moments but usually involving wine and questionable morals.

1.  Target Wine Cubes.

This little beauty holds FOUR bottles of wine, and lasts for a month.  Say good-bye to the nights of not opening a bottle of wine because your concerned about having to finish a whole bottle alone, that’s a lot of wine my friend .  You don’t need to. You can dispense at your convenience AND it tastes great.  What more can you ask for?  This should be re-marketed as single girl wine.

2. Movie Night.  

Would you like to know what I’ve been watching on Netflix lately?  I will tell you… Friday Night Lights interspersed with romantic comedies interspersed with 19th Century Period Piece Featuring a Strong Female lead (Thanks for that label Netflix.)  I watch what I want.  I don’t have to compromise four viewings of Rocky or Blood Sport to watch “The November Issue”.  Chick flicks reign supreme in this house.  Single girl FTW.

3. Dinner. 

Want a grilled cheese sandwich for dinner?  DO IT.  Want a salad?  GO FOR IT.  You don’t have to consult anyone.  You don’t have to make anything to please anyone but you.  If you’re crazing mozzarella and tomatoes.. that’s dinner.  Fuck yeah being single.

Seriously girls, we’re not going to be single long.  Have you MET us?  We’re bad ass women.  That’s fact.  We might as well look forward to some special single girl things while we can.  Be present in the season you are in.  It will make the next phase sweeter, promise.

Happy Friday!

14 Responses to “Grace in Small Things: Single Edition”

  1. LOL, this post is why I love you. Well, part of why I love you.

    I love the names of categories Netflix comes up with. So fun.

    I loved by days of being single and I love my days when I'm alone (being in a long distance relationship has perks!) since I'm still pretty Miss Independent.

    Also, I had no idea that there were such boxes of wine from Target. Very nice :)

  2. Haha, love these! Though I'm not single, I do love my nights at home alone for these very reasons! I'm going out to buy a Target wine cube, like yesterday :)

  3. I love being single cause I'm super independent. My boyf is typically thrown off by the fact that I'm not clingy or needy. He's often on tour so I love watching a movie while eating a grilled cheese and sipping wine alone.

    Agreed with Nora! Long distance does indeed sometimes have its perks!

  4. These are the moments in which I start to feel that I absolutely need my man back. None of these things were ever not possible with him.


    I do like that you're enjoying it being single though!

  5. Agreed. I got a Roku player for Christmas and haven't stopped watching 30 Rock since. In addition to boxed wine, Target's got boxed sangria which also comes in a 4-pack of what I like to call "adult juice boxes." Amazing.

  6. oh my goodness. i just love those ah-hah-fuck-yes,-i'll-drink-to-being single-moments!

    1. I NEED A WINE CUBE. I will have one of these by the end of the weekend. target = brilliant.

    2. In the past 48 hours I have watched an entire season of Friday Night Lights. Tami Taylor is my hero. Coach Taylor is a badass. And Tim Riggins is my future boyfriend (when i'm over my whole eat what I want, watch what I want, drink wine from a fucking cube single glory days). I just started season four and it's been great!

    3. Grilled cheese is the best. always.

  7. I hate that Targets in MN can not sell wine/liquor. So not fair, being it's based here and all. Stupid MN and their liquor laws! I need to invest in some box wine stat. A glass a night does the body good!

    I was in the break room today and some co-workers were saying how they really admired the fact that I eat a packed lunch nearly every day. I explained that my trick was cooking on Sunday night and then putting food into single serve containers that night so I have lunches packed for the week. They looked me, laughed, and said – you are lucky you are single. They explained that their husbands would those portioned out meals in a NY minute. So another perk of being single is that no one eats the food in my fridge!

  8. I will give you a HELL YEAH for the Target wine cube. Have you had the red sangria? It's awesome! I really liked your post and think you'd enjoy the book that I wrote called "365 Reasons Why I'm Single." There’s a reminder for every day of the year of why being single is awesome!

    Check it out on Amazon or be a fan on Facebook (or both!)

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