Grace in Small Things: Not-So-Single Edition

I giggled writing that title.  For reals.

Not-so-single, with some SUPER AMAZING benefits. 

  1.  Let me be really clear:  All that romantic, mushy, movie-magic stuff that you’re afraid to believe in?  That shit is real.  Believe it.  Expect it.  Hold out for it. This isn’t just grace in small things, this is grace in HUGE things.  Huge things that you should demand for yourself too.  It’s out there, that’s what I learned this week.  Seriously. 
  2. Letting someone in past your walls can be super intimidating.  Every single thing Mr. A finds out, appears to make him like me more?  Even the dorky stuff and the messy stuff.  It’s freeing.  I feel like I’m falling for someone while simultaneously becoming more free to be exactly who I am.  That doesn’t even make sense but it’s true. 
  3. When you have a bad day?  Sometimes you get to have this super cute guy go to the grocery store for you to pick up things for dinner.  Then he lets you sit and drink wine while he cooks. (Then he makes fun of you for taking a ninja-spy photo and sending it to the internet in about 3 seconds.  He’s getting used to dating a blogger.  Ha.)

Where are you finding grace this week?  Go.  

11 Responses to “Grace in Small Things: Not-So-Single Edition”

  1. Spy photos are the best. He needs to learn this. Knight still talks of Spy photos and asks if we need to send them.

    And #1? I totally agree. So much.

    Love everything about this post, love.

  2. So very true. Being in a relationship has so many pros it's amazing. I find myself figuring out more and more as each day passes.

    I'm finding grace in my life in general. I'm stressed beyond belief, but I'm so happy because it's all because I'm following my dream. So in the end, the fact that it stresses me out, just shows how much I truly care.

  3. Awesome.

    The romantic stuff is amazing. I don't mind so much not getting flowers and gifts and shit all the time, but the cuddling every night and "I love you"s and "You're the best thing that's ever happened to me"s? ABSOLUTELY worth the wait.

    I'm constantly surprised at how much I can rely on him, on how I don't have to lean on just myself anymore, and it's a really good feeling.

  4. Men who cook are HOT! My male friend cooked breakfast for me earlier this week. Even though it was totally platonic, it was still awesome. :)

  5. RV is totally used to me being a blogger now. Often times if I forget to take pictures, he'll have taken care of it stealthily with my camera. 😀

  6. This is a fantastic post. I especially love number two because I'm experiencing the same thing with my new BF. Every time I do or say something crazy, I expect him to be weirded out but he never is. It's nonsensical but totally amazing.

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