Happy Love Day.

I’ve mentioned that Mr. A makes me CDs. (Which reminds me there is a new one sitting on his desk that I definitely forgot last night) (Which is probably ok because I made myself a “Silly Love Song” playlist on my iPod that I will be rocking hardcore until further notice.)  (Don’t judge me.)   (Eff it, go ahead and judge.  I totally don’t care) (Hi, parentheses.)  

Where was I?  Love.  Right.  So, as I am prepping for my huge lovely Valentines Dinner with the girls tonight while desk dancing to love songs… I am sending a little music your way. 

This CD is songs he thinks I’d like, and he’s totally right.  He has my tastes down to a science apparently. He’s trouble guys. 

1.  Neutral Milk Hotel – In the Aeroplane Over the Sea

2.   Lykke Li – Dance Dance Dance

3.  Matt Costa – Sunshine

4.  The Magnetic Fields – Why I Cry

5.  Hot Chip – The Warning

6.  Miike Snow – Silvia

7.  Tokyo Police Club – Favourite Food

8.  Joel Plaskett – Absentminded Melody

9.  Diamond Rings – Something Else

10.  m. ward – I’ll be Yr Bird

11.  The Beatles – Golden Slumbers

12.  Elliott Smith – Everything Reminds Me of Her

13.   Vampire Weekend – Campus

14.  Elvis Perkins – While You Were Sleeping

15.  Her Space Holiday – Tech Romance

4 Responses to “Happy Love Day.”

  1. Firstly, I love that he has his own "tag".
    Secondly this dude rocks for making you playlists/CDs and for you sharing them with us.
    That is all :)

  2. Ah I'm so excited to see Joel Plaskett on this list bc he's from my hometown – Halifax! In fact, I just saw him in concert last night! (it was a free event, part of the celebrations here for the 2011 Canada Games). Love him!

  3. You'd not heard Miike Snow before this? Oh man, you were missing out! Better late than never. :)

    Also, this playlist is approved by the nicopolitan board of commerce. Good stuff.

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