Whattup March.

February was a BLUR.  I’m not even talking about the whole “February is a short month” thing; February felt like it last three days, tops.  Apparently falling in love speeds up time?  What?  Who said love?  Stop looking at me… 

What’s happening this month?

Beyond a wonderfully exciting wedding this weekend, not a whole lot.

Thank God.

I have been so busy every single night of the week this past month, I am exhausted.  I’m a repeat offender of over-commit-till-you-break-rinse-and-repeat.  It goes a little like this:

I hope to spend March: sleeping, writing, running, snuggling with Mr. A.   Doing more things that I need and/or LOVE to do, and less time doing things that make me feel “meh”.  I want Ashley to come spend a weekend with me drinking wine and dancing to boy bands.  

I can’t wait for the temperatures to warm up and the sun to stay out longer.  I can’t wait to wear dresses and sandals.  I want to smell like sunscreen and ocean.  I am over winter. It doesn’t help that all the stores are busting out that airy, sunshiney, spring time clothes.  Like these from Banana Republic:

I think I need a hat. 

What are you looking forward to in March?

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  1. About once a month, I retreat.. I think it's part of that cycle. Doing a TON, overloading, and then wanting to hide from it all.

    Marches are usually rainier than other months, so I'm hoping to get some more time to stay inside, stay warm, and get stuff DONE.

  2. I'm hoping to run my ass off outside, that's what :)

    And continue to extend my friendships, connections and reachouts to those who need it (and those who don't!).

    And get more sleep. I must do that.

  3. I know that cycle! subtract all carrots and spinach though.

    What I'm looking forward in March?
    A food event called Bacon Takedown. Hitting three years with the bf. Sketchbook Project visiting Austin.

  4. I know that cycle all too well!

    I'm looking forward to the weather (hopefully) taking a turn for the better this month. Is it spring yet?

  5. It takes me forever to recover from super social periods of time, and then I realize I haven't seen friends in weeks, so I correct it and have so much fun that I commit to a bunch of other things, andddd repeat.

    Totes can't wait for our wine weekend!!!

  6. In March I'm looking forward to turning 27 (sort of), getting past a few exams for school, two trips for work, spring, gardening, and more naps.

  7. Ha! That chart you made is awesome.

    I agree; February went by super quick. Unfortunately for me, though, March is going to go by even quicker because I'm moving to South Korea to teach English! Yay for March.

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