today is a good day.

writing.  hot apple cider.  projects.  making lists of things I want to do with mr. a in every season. checking in with friends.  beautiful music.  discovering my ex is engaged and finding that i am fully ok with it.  being in love.  being loved back. 

today is a good day.

8 Responses to “today is a good day.”

  1. It is a wonderful feeling to be in a place where you are able to feel happiness for an ex rather than anger or sadness. I am happy you feel loved : )

  2. This sounds like such a great day. Just thinking about it makes sitting at my desk at work feel not so bad. Must create a day like this for myself immediately. :)

  3. What a perfect sounding day– few things in this world are better than coming to the realization that you are perfectly happy and content exactly where you are in life.

  4. Sounds like such a wonderful day. I'm glad that things are going so well for you. I've been horrible about commenting but I've loved reading.

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