8 Weeks.

I’m 8 weeks pregnant.  Holler.

My pants stopped fitting suddenly this morning.  Apparently when you have a baby growing exponentially in your abdomen, one day your favorite pants fit and the next they do not.  Shoot.

Over the past two weeks, Mr. A and I have done an exceptionally spectacular job of getting on the pregnancy train (A side from the occasional panic attack).  I’ve figured out what foods make me gag (bananas) and what foods make me do happy dances (yogurt and caprese salad and birthday cake).  We’ve stopped making coffee-for-two in the morning, as I generally opt for a nice can of ginger ale while I blow dry my hair. We’ve made plans and lists and dreams.

We’re not resisting my exhaustion.  We spend evenings snuggled in bed watching whatever seems good (Three Men and a Baby, Archer, Arrested Development).  My typically full social calender will have to wait until the 2nd trimester for dinner dates and friend time to come back.  We go to bed super early.  Last week, most nights I fell asleep reading and Mr. A had to come remove the glasses from my face and make sure my feet were under a blanket. We’re rolling with it.

Sometimes, we have panicked moments but for the most part I feel incredibly calm.  I breath and snuggle the man I love and grow a baby; it seems so easy.  I want to remember this part.

When my belly gets too big to be comfortable.  When the baby comes, along with sleepless nights and hours spent preoccupied with every inch of this new face.  When baby grows to be a toddler of elbows and knees in my back as we all share a bed to fight off the monsters in the closet.  I want to remember the calm of right now.  The calm of feeling like my body and heart have been preparing for this all along.  The calm of loving someone and being loved back with such overwhelming certainty.  The calm of a life starting.  I want to remember this part.

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  1. **happy sigh**

    Loop a rubber band through the button hole of your pants and then pull it over your button – it helps while you’re in that awkward stage of “too big for real clothes but not big ENOUGH for maternity clothes” :)

  2. Absolutely beautiful post, Bri. Cherish the present because you have a lifetime ahead of everything that comes next. Take pictures of yourself (even when you feel like you swallowed a balloon) and keep documenting so you can remember everything.

  3. Such a sweet post and great attitude!

    Oh man, I remember being SO tired my first trimester that even a trip to the bathroom seemed like Mount Everest. lol

    YES–the rubber band trick was a lifesaver during this time…and the Belly Band!!! Got mine at Target for under $20.

  4. Somehow that comment lacked any “aw” or “I’m still so stoked for you!”

    But I am! Like, already wanting to hoard some of my niece’s cutest stuff in case you’re having a girl and she’s early. McKayla was born in late September, so they should be in the same sizes in the same seasons. I think I will nab the cutest stuff that I bought her should you be able to use it!

  5. No, I’m not crying right now.
    That would be silly.

    Such a beautiful post. You are going to be a beautiful and amazing mother and Mr A the dashing and handsome father/husband that you’ve always deserved.

  6. You hear so many people say they look back and think, man, those were the days. Amazing that you are fully soaking up and appreciating all of this bliss. So many congratulations and good wishes for you both!

  7. Big big bisouZ of joy!
    Enjoy every moment – the time will surely fly by.
    All the best, love,

    PS Post photos of the wedding day!

  8. And you’re pregnant too?! Double congrats! I wish I lived closer to you so I could take you out for a celebration. Until then, here’s an internet hug: [HUG]

  9. This post is really quite lovely. The tone of it is just so calm and content…makes pregnancy not seem so “sci-fi” afterall maybe!

    I am very happy for you both and hope you are feeling well and getting as much rest as you need.

    Ummm, so this is a stupid question, but are you still going to BiSC next month?

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