First Purchases for Baby

Fact: Non-gendered anything baby related is super hard to come by.  It seems like everything is either pink with flowers and or blue with trucks on it.  Sigh.  Until we find out what we’re having (and yes, duh, we’re finding out) I’ve mostly been perusing pages of adorable baby things without being able to get anything.

Thank God for Etsy and shops like TheWishingElephant.

I mean, look at these.  I die.  The cuteness hurts.  

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  1. The cuteness DOES hurt! But looking forward to your gender sono will help you get through the morning-noon-and-night sickness :) It’s a nice “halfway there” reward!

  2. Oh yeah, that reminds me: Is it too early to start planning a baby shower? I vote for one in Santa Barbara (what? no, I’m not selfish at all), and we’ll make sure Ashley (writetoreach), AshleyD, Nora, and whoever else you want there can come! 😛

    In other news, send me your address! Don’t ask why.

  3. How do you feel about Star Wars? Old Navy has some Star Wars stuff for infants that I would love to snag for a little one whose parents would actually use it!

    • Mr A. says “I will totally swag my baby out in Star Wars gear”. He would like to specify that he hates “prequel shit unless it’s yoda” (I don’t know what that means but I’m guessing you will).

  4. Ah, Etsy.

    I’m not even having a baby and if I start looking at that stuff, my finger itches to purchase…

    My favorite non-gender biased item for babies? Things that are yellow with ducks on them. Though maybe it’s biased, I don’t know, but it seems ok.

    Look forward to the day/call when you know what the baby is :)

  5. i fear getting pregnant because i know it will mean i am also going to go broke because i will not be able to resist the massive amounts of adorable available. seriously. i concur with nora above about duckies. duckies are the cutest…

    also, so much congratulations!!!

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