10 weeks.

I am struggling guys.  Last week I felt so great, I thought my nausea was on its way out…. it came back with vengeance on Saturday.  Being sick all the time is starting to wear on my sunny disposition.  I feel cranky and tired.  I don’t feel like savoring this time, I want a freaking fast forward button.

And when I’m cranky I don’t want to write, I want to burrow in a pillow and sleep until it passes.

Until then, here are some adorable pictures of Mr. A and me from this past weekend.  We went on a little romantic get-a-way up the coast.  It was perfect.  I love him.


Ice Cream Cone have sounded amazing.
Beautiful Beautiful Ocean
Walking in the headlands


Mr. A and the llamas

12 Responses to “10 weeks.”

  1. Oh, honey, I know! It can come and go throughout your whole pregnancy!

    Just try to look at it as a sign that your little one is saying “I’m healthy and growing, mommy!!!” :)

    I promise it’s worth it!

  2. I’ve never been pregnant, but I’ve been around pregnant chicks. Pregnant, MARATHON-RUNNING, SUPER-FITNESS chicks. And you know what? Early-pregnancy nausea took ALL of them down. Good news: it doesn’t last forever. You will emerge glowing and illness-free in just a (relatively) short while…

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