11 Weeks.

This week was mostly nausea free!  Which is such a huge relief.  It meant that I was also back to running around after work visiting friends and going to dinners.  It felt good to be back, even if I would often crash immediately upon getting back home.  This week I’ve spent a ton of time in my apartment packing because Mr. A and I are moving tomorrow!!!!  (Don’t worry, I won’t be lifting any boxes.)  This morning I pointed out that this apartment will be where my tummy grows to gargantuan sizes and where we’ll bring baby home to from the hospital.  It’s crazy, and so exciting.

Monday, my lovely Grams took me maternity clothes shopping.  I hadn’t realized how gradually uncomfortable I had gotten in my clothes lately.  It feels so great to be in comfy clothes, and I feel decidedly cute again.  The next two big things, clothes-wise, that are on the agenda are a bridal shower dress for my shower in two weeks and then my wedding dress!!!  We’re getting married in less than a month!!!  Insert a ton of exclamation points.

There is so much coming in the next month, including my 2nd trimester which will be important because that’s when my energy levels should be back on the rise.  I will need all the energy I can muster.

This is what baby looks like this week, 100% more human and less like an alien.  With elbows and fingers, and all of it’s vital organs are established with its liver and heart doing tons of work already.  He/She is about as big as a lime.  Insane right?

Yesterday morning when I was getting ready for work I had this daydream of this little one being old enough to play soccer, 4 or 5, and our little family getting up early Saturday morning to go watch baby play.  Mr. A and I would sit on the sidelines in our lawn chairs, sipping coffee, wearing over-sized sweatshirts while we watch out little kid run around.  We’re going to be a family; this blows my mind.  I can’t wait.

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  1. The size of a lime? How quickly they grow.

    Hooray for maternity clothes, new apartments and visions of the future. You’re going to be a rocking family. <3

  2. Summer is a great time to be pregnant. So many cute maternity dresses, outfits and options! So much easier!! Winter is harder with the jeans and restricted choices. Amazing how much Lime baby has already grown!

    Totally crazy what the iPhone can do BTW – love that you have the preggers app!

  3. Ordinarily when I say “holy life happening!” it’s figurative, but wow, how profound it is for that phrase to be literal. Cannot WAIT for this kid to be welcomed to the world!

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