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Whew!  Things have been a little on the busy side the past couple of weeks and the longer I go without updating, the harder it is to get writing again.  So today’s post is brought to you by the bullet point.

  • Mr. A and I moved into our new place 2 weeks ago.  We had the best help ever from friends.  I was basically not allowed to lift anything heavier than a broom….  we already have things on the wall and it feels like home.  I still can’t get over how much SPACE we have.  I have been in such tiny little places the past few years; having two full bedrooms, a dining room, and a long hallway feels very luxurious.  It’s also AMAZING to have a baby’s room.  Where baby will go.  Cause we’re having a baby.
  • We spent the first week snuggled on the couch without internet or cable watching Gilmore Girls.  It was his first time watching it, and he is OBSESSED now.  We’re well into the 2nd season already.  Mr. A says he better understands my snarky banter after watching it.
This is a face of joy as I finally get to brulee with a TORCH.
  • Last weekend was my bridal shower.  It was amazing and beautiful. (We each got to brulée or own Creme Brulée!)  My bestie was in town and so were Mr. A’s parents.  I basically love his parents to death, I am definitely getting lucky on the in-law front.  Bonus: His parents got along swimmingly with my family.  This is going to make life way more enjoyable (not that I thought they wouldn’t get along).
  • We are getting married in NINE days.  Nine.  Nine days.  Single digit.  I have all the things I need, and I am so freaking excited to marry him.
  • Baby has a new due date!  11/11/11 which means I am currently 14w5d.  I also started taking Gummy Prenatal Vitamins instead of normal ones, and my life just got way more happy.

    Totes an adult guys.
  • I got an email this morning that it was time to check-in to my flight for Vegas.  I might be 100% regretting my decision to sit this one out.  I am totally going to BiSC next year, and I’ll bring baby too.

Ok, so I think I want to open the floor up for questions. What do you guys want to know about that I haven’t talked enough about? Suggested topics: Mr. A, pregnancy, wedding, my thoughts on The Voice, my opinion of the season finale of Vampire Diaries, my favorite color.

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  1. I’d really like to see a detailed story on your relationship with Mr. A! When and how you met, how long you’ve been together, etc.

    • Detailed, eh? It won’t be THAT long, you see Mr. A and I started officially dating February 4th…. I mean, don’t get me wrong, it’s a GOOD story. But short. :)

  2. I actually heard your voice in my head while reading these sentences: “It’s also AMAZING to have a baby’s room. Where baby will go. Cause we’re having a baby.”

    We’ll totes miss you in Vegas.

    • I hope you got all my inflections correct. Can you call me and leave me a voicemail of you reading that with my voice?


  3. count me in for BISC also next year. I’m super sad I won’t be there. BUT I get to meet you this year which still rocks.

    Hmmm, things I want to know. Obviously more and everything/anything about the wedding I don’t already know. Any pregnancy stuff you want to share (though maybe I know it all, I have no idea).

    Also JEALOUS of the luck with the in-laws. Super jealous in fact. <3

    • You, my dear, know most everything. I don’t want to spoil the wedding by writing about the wedding already!!!!! You know my dress, you’ve seen my wedding rainboots. :)

  4. So I am just a lurker, but I am pregnant as well and have been taking those chewy vitamins (hello yummy!) but I just realized after taking them for 9 months (stupid me) that they don’t have iron in them – just wanted to give you a heads up in case you are like me and didn’t read the list of what’s in them. Love your blog and CONGRATS on everything!

    • I DID know there’s no iron, so I’ve been taking an iron supplement too, but it’s WAY easier to get down than the prenatal pills I had been trying. Congrats on you’re pregnancy!!! If you’ve been taking the gummies for nine months I bet you’re getting close!!!!

      • WOW – the 9 months was a typo (freaking pregnancy brain) I meant 7 months. I still have almost 10 weeks to go, it is a super exciting time! I agree the chewies are way better than the huge horse pills that you have to swallow. After taking them for the 7 months I am now on an iron supplement as well. I just had to say something to make sure you didn’t make the same mistake as I did.

  5. So, what are your feeling about The Voice? Super excited about your upcoming wedding (OMG……9 DAYS!!!) and baby! I want to knit a baby blanket for you!

  6. I’ve been terrible about commenting, but I am so excited and happy for all the wonderful moments happening in your life. Enjoy these next few weeks and embrace every moment of it.

  7. Definitely missed you in Vegas. I’m doubling up on the comments here, but the Craps Dealer onesie would be amazing and I would bet that you’d get asked about it if you made one!

    Men always love Gilmore Girls. I’ve converted two (now ex) boyfriends.

    I want to know your thoughts on The Voice! Also your take on the Hunger Games casting!

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