15 Weeks!

And then there was the time that I stopped looking fat and started looking pregnant. (I just said that like the Real World intro, FYI)

What up Baby Bump?

How far along?: 15w0d
How big is baby?: The size of an naval orange.  Little thing is 4 inches, which is insane to me.
Weight gain/loss?: I haven’t gained any weight so far.  Which is also kind of hard to believe because I get STARVING every 2-3 hours or so.
Stretch marks?: Nope.
Maternity clothes?: I have a favorite pair of maternity skinny jeans that I wear constantly.  All my shirts are still working.
Sleep?: Besides crazy dreams, I’ve been sleeping so so so great lately.
Food cravings?: Apple juice and apples.
Gender?: We find out June 23rd!  My mom is convinced it’s a girl, Mr. A’s dad is convinced it’s a boy.
Movement?: Just started feeling little pops and movements 2 days ago!
Belly button?: No change, but if Mr. A puts his finger in my belly button one more time “while he still can” I will cut him.
What do you miss?: Margaritas.
What are you looking forward to this week?: Tonight is date night, I love date night.

So last night I was texting with a bunch of my dear friends who are in Vegas (and it’s made me feel so much better about NOT being there).  As a general rule Nico, calls me to do his Bill Cosby impression when he’s been drinking and he did not disappoint.  We talked a little about my being pregnant, and he had some wonderfully encouraging things to say.  To start, he’s just really excited that one of his blog besties is having a baby, which makes me excited too.  He said that the best mom blogger he knows it Rachel, which is totally true.  Nico said Rachel is kick ass because she’s awesome and honest and just happens to be a mom.  Then he said that he knows I’ll be the same and that I will be able to stay myself (the self that has awesome friends like Nico) and also be a mommy.

So encouraging.

I know that things will looks a little different here at some points, mostly because the whole “baby” thing is so new and exciting.  I promise I won’t ONLY talk about baby.  I’m still the same old me, I’ll just also have a super awesome kickass baby strapped to me too.

P.S. I’m bring my 6 month old to Vegas next year.  Mr. A and I were talking about onesies baby should have for a Vegas trip.  Some contenders:

  • Mascot
  • Craps Deals  <– Totally Mr.A’s idea, and hilarious

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  1. Cute baby bump!

    “No change, but if Mr. A puts his finger in my belly button one more time “while he still can” I will cut him.” <– This made me spit out my coffee. Too funny.

  2. Somehow I read all the posts around this one, but not this one! Those onesies are TOO cute, and I seriously hope I can make it to BiSC next year and see you, Mr. A, and Baby!

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