A little wedding sneak peak…

In two days, I am getting married.  (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

When we first started making wedding plans, it became very clear that I did NOT want a big ol’ wedding, at all. I didn’t want to plan it.  I didn’t want to spend a bagillion dollars feeding people chicken… I just wanted to be married.  I wanted it to be magical, beautiful, and memorable but I did NOT want the stress of planning.  As soon as I came across the idea of getting married elopement style in San Francisco it just felt right.  It felt just as right to Mr. A, so we ran with it.

Bonus, I think San Francisco city hall is insanely beautiful.

We’re still planning on having celebrations with ALL our friends and family, but we’ll wait until the summer and sunshine to get here.
Our families are super supportive and on board.  My Grams and I have spent every Monday night shopping for the wedding ensemble.  Here is the dress I’m wearing.  I love love love it.  (Mr. A has SEEN it, just not on.)  (And it looks super adorable with my burgeoning baby bump.)
My best friend and her husband are flying in to be our witnesses.  Erin and I are going to spend the morning getting beautiful, and they’re bringing their fancy camera so after the ceremony we can run around the city taking pictures.  Friday night the four of us will go to Spruce for dinner.  Spruce may be the fanciest restaurant I’ve ever been to, with their menu items sounding like something straight from a Top Chef episode.
I am excited to have Erin and her husband coming.  Erin is like my sister, we’ve been besties for 15 years.  The way I see it, the four of us are going to spend our entire lives being friends through everything.  I couldn’t pick better people to stand with us when Mr. A and I start our marriage.
Simple.  Full of love.  I get to marry Mr. A.  Perfect.
Cannot wait.

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      • No worries! I did have a little moment of, “Why does she haaaate meeeee?” but then I thought, “How stressed was I the two weeks before my wedding, and I had months longer to plan it!” :-)

  1. This looks great. Wedding planning is not as fun as one would think and 14 months out from my own wedding I’m already considering elopement 😛

    Also? That city hall is SO GORGEOUS!!!

    You are going to have a beautiful and amazing wedding. I can’t wait to see some of the pictures!

    • Elopement is just SO. WONDERFUL. Especially with a big, non-formal, party later in the summer.

      Isn’t SF City Hall INSANE? When I say city hall, i think people thing old and drab, so I HAD to show that it’s actually insanely beautiful.

    • I can’t wait for pictures EITHER. We got a bunch of pretty pottery barn frames for our wedding pics.

      I’ll make sure to MMS you come pics day of too. :)

    • Thanks Linda!! I LOVE the dress. We got it a size bigger than normal, for the bump, and I was nervous my bump wouldn’t be substantial enough to show! Luckily that is NOT the case. Can’t wait to tell you all about it.

  2. Sounds lovely! I love how personal it is – big weddings are not for everyone (me included) so if you want simple, that’s what you should go with! I can totally see why you would want to avoid the stress and cost of something bigger and more complicated – the day is about you and him not impressing everyone you know and it sounds like that’s exactly the focus your day is going to have! Best wishes!

  3. It all sounds so perfect! I can’t wait to see pictures and this “elopement” style sounds awesome, especially since your families are on board. Hope the day is magical!

    • Thanks Jenn! It definitely would not be as awesome if the family wasn’t on board. They’ll get their celebration in July, and his parents were here last weekend and our families get along SO well. I’m actually really looking forward to July now.

  4. YES! SF City Hall is soooo pretty. :) What a gorgeous lacy dress. I cannot wait to see pictures. I’ve never eaten at Spruce, but yes, I’ve heard wonderful things.

    • I cannot WAIT for Spruce. The menu is amazing. Amazing. Amazing. They’re rumored to have the best french fries in the city, apparently they fry them in duck fat? Who knew.

    • Thank you Cait!!! I cannot wait for it to get here. I’m currently at work being all antsy and giddy… not the most productive day. :)

  5. That is a gorgeous dress! I can’t wait to see pictures of you wearing it, getting married in city hall. That is a stunning backdrop for a wedding. I really love that you’re doing it elopement style and then having a party later on. Congratulations again, Bri!

  6. I like the idea of a small wedding, too. Not really into the idea of paying to feed hundreds of people I really don’t even talk to that often. 😛

    Happy wedding weekend! Post pics here soon. :)

  7. Gah, Bri! You know I got married at city hall, right? And that we flew my best friend and his best man in to be our witnesses? And that it was small and private and beautiful and a few weeks later we flew back east for the big party?

    The parallels in your love story to mine make me swoon with happiness for you because I know it’s all going to work out so well for you guys!!! Because I’ve been there!

    I wish you the best day. <3

  8. Hi! So, this is a bit delayed. Just wanted to say congratulations on all the EXCITING things going on in your life! So happy that you met someone so wonderful!

    ALSO – I LOVE THAT DRESS! You are going to look beautiful!


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