Totes Awesome (A Vlogging Project)

You know how sometimes someone says something perhaps jokingly but it catches on so quickly that before you know it it’s a reality and you kind of forget that it was a joke?

Enter the new project Totes Awesome Channel.  AshleyLindaAshleyNicole, and I are launching our own vlogging collaboration channel.

I started vlogging last August for VEDA.  I am not exaggerating when I say that doing VEDA changed my life.  Suddenly bloggers I followed became really, really dear friends… complete with a group of us spending New Years snuggled up in my cozy apartment.  Vlogging is the reason that I got this video tweeted at me the morning I got married:

I am excited to see where this goes, and what better time to start than the week after I get married, right?

Here’s my first video.. I’ll be posting every Tuesday.  Sometimes we’ll have themes and sometimes we wont.  I’m sure it will change and grow in a ton of ways as we get going, but we have to start somewhere!

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