Wedding Pictures

The wedding was perfect; really, sincerely perfect.  There was absolutely no stress.  I just got to marry Mr. A and celebrate with him and my bestie and her husband.   I wouldn’t change a single thing about it.

Getting Ready
The Bride.
Seeing Each Other for the First Time
San Francisco City Hall
When Pregnant Brides Wait... They Get Hungry.
We Will Spend Our Lives Together.
Me and My Mama
My Husband.
Walking together to get married.
Happy Vows.
Kissing the Bride.
Mom Crying.
Love Him.
Doesn't Mr. A Look Happy?
Happy Breakfast the Next Morning. (Look! Wedding Band!)

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  1. This? Was exactly what I needed to see today. Happy people, dedicated to each other and overcome with sheer happiness. I’m so, so happy for you and Mr. A. Your baby is going to be so lucky to be born into a family with parents who obviously adore each other so much!

    (also? Love your dress).

    • Brandy love! I’ve TOTALLY been where you are. Let me know if I can help in any way. For example, I can photoshop your face onto the body of a unicorn. (Legit offer).

  2. So beautiful. You have managed to make me cry at my desk at work. Such happiness and love radiate from the both of you. Congratulations, again. Wishing you all the happiness and love in the world.

    • Happiness + Baby Glow = Radiation of Joy.

      Between you and my hair and Cpt. Ashley wanting my eyelashes, I’m going to not have anything left!

    • You’re beautiful!!! The pictures make me really happy.. we just look so happy!!!!! We totally ARE happy, but I don’t stare at myself while I’m happy usually. :)

  3. I’m new around here, but it has been so special to go back and see all your posts about you and Mr. A and baby…these photos are proof that you guys are gonna be so happy together! Congratulations, it looks like it was perfect :)

    • Yes! There has been a TON of things happening over here… but he’s SO wonderful I am really really lucky and excited (and mildly nervous, obvs).

  4. I’m sadly belated, but oh, so many happy wishes to you – all 3 of you!! :) You are positively radiant, my dear :)

    {I’ve been in love with SF City Hall. I still try to make people go take peeks with me when I’m in the neighborhood :) }

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