Guest Post: Wake Up Dance Parties, Revolutions, and Beginning of a Manifesto

I am headed back from Georgia today, which means you get another guest post!  Today’s post comes from my IRL friend Andrew.  He is literally the funniest person I know; hands down.  He’s also the king of karaoke.  He does not have a blog, but I wish he did so I could start my mornings laughing like I did reading this post.

He was born to have a mic in his hand.

Greetings Bri Fans!

For this post, your guest blogger is:
A. Female
B. Pregnant
C. Married
D. None of the Above

Answer: D. Don’t worry; you’re still in the right place.

For lack of a tactful segue from that disclaimer, I’ll paraphrase the greats and let you know that we’re going to tackle something completely different from this blog’s more recent content.  Ladies, gentlemen and sentient artificial intelligence of the internet, I invite you to join me in my current pursuit of Early Mornings and the Art of the Wake Up Dance Party.

On another blog, this post would have started, “My name is A______ S______, and I’m a Snooze-a-holic.”  That confounded button has been a blessing and a curse in my life (mostly curse) since I’ve been in high school.  At my Snooze Button Rock Bottom, I would easily set myself back a solid two hours each day by hitting snooze 12 times per morning.  The annoyance to roommates and wall-sharing-neighbors would provide short term deterrents, but as recently as last week I was snoozing for an hour each morning.

My intentions have always been good: to wake up early, spend some quality time with my canine pal Taylor and maybe even go for a run.  My actuality has been hurried morning preparation followed by a sense of guilt and disappointment that I let myself down once again.  In other words, my Snooze-a-holism has been anchored in a significant knowing/doing gap.  It’s taken over 10 years to find my bridge over the gap.

I’ve tried moving the alarm clock across the room, setting multiple alarms, waking up to music, setting a timed coffee pot, waking up to slow increases in volume and all of the other tricks in the book.

If you’re not the exposition type, start reading here.

Then I discovered that iHome* had started including a feature where you can wake up to a random song from a playlist. [*No financial compensation accepted for product placement. Yet.]  Now, I get to greet each morning with a surprise pump up song.  That in and of itself is great, but does not provide the complete solution to my Snooze-a-holism.

No, I’ve developed a new morning ritual: the wake up dance party.  While a walk across the bedroom was never enough to wake me up and keep me out of bed, the 3-4 minute mandatory dance party absolutely does the trick.  I’ve also found the wake up dance party benefits to be numerous:

1. I do get out of bed without hitting snooze.
2. My dog Taylor looks at me quizzically every morning, then joins in. It cracks me up
3. I typically *actually* wake-up midway through my dance party for one, and catch myself in the bedroom mirror.  It cracks me up.
4. Like Ellen Degeneres (who is also my fashion icon, but that’s another guest blog post), I dance my way around a larger space, and have mastered brewing coffee while dancing.  It cracks me up.
5. Per 2-4 above, I’m starting my day with levity instead of stress or worry and have found my disposition is consistently and congruently more positive every day.
6. I think I’m getting REALLY good at dancing, and all the laydees love that.

So, my friends, this 1% overall improvement in my life has led me to believe I’ve discovered a breakthrough with universal benefits.  Before I write my complete manifesto and become a self-help millionaire, I ask, are you with me?  Viva la revolucion!

7 Responses to “Guest Post: Wake Up Dance Parties, Revolutions, and Beginning of a Manifesto”

  1. um, yes. this post spoke to me so much! I am officially on board to try the early morning dance parties and I shall channel my inner Cameron Dias circa Charlie’s Angels. Thank you for the early morning laughs. You really are talented! You should totes get a blog.

  2. This is a great idea! I should totally start my day with a dance party rather than the sleepy stupor shuffle I’m currently doing on the daily.

  3. Umm. Can we be friends? I love this. Question, does that song you woke up dancing to get stuck in your head for the rest of the day? I would totally be singing it all day long.

    I bet this wakes you up in a good mood! Way to start off the day smiling.

    • Also, I’m totes the same way about the snooze button. Many a roommate still bitches about hearing my alarm go off for two hours every “morning” (usually, closer to afternoon).

  4. Great idea – I have such a hard time waking up. I like to think it is because I’m not super excited about the day I am waking up to but also love sleep. Need to figure out how to make my alarm clock do that.

    You should also try random bouts of dancing, while singing into a hairbrush in your underwear. A little girly perhaps but very freeing. I’m assuming you don’t sleep in your underwear and currently grab a microphone like object in the mornings.

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