19 weeks.

Sorry I haven’t written since I got back from my trip to Georgia.  Work has been crazy and I’ve wanted to spend the rest of the time snuggling with Mr. A…. which makes for less than thrilling writing.  Leaving my husband for 5 days was a little rough guys.  I’m going to not do that again for a while.

Today marks the beginning of my 19th week of pregnancy; and yesterday I was so sore and miserable I cried in my office.  My back, my sciatic nerve, my hips… they all decided that the flight to and from Georgia was complete bullshit and joined forces to pay me back all week.  For those of you non-preggers or non-mamas, when you’re preggers your body releases this hormone that loosens all your joints.  Then your belly gets all big and throws off your center of gravity causing various back and joint pains.  Wednesday night was the worst night of sleep ever.  You’re not supposed to lie on your back or your stomach (obvs) so you have two options: right side or left side.  But what happens when both sides shoot nerve pain down your legs?  You feel miserable and then that misery is compounded by sleep deprivation.  Yesterday, I felt so helpless.  I was frustrated knowing that there is SO much more discomfort coming and I felt  like a gigantic baby with low pain tolerance for crying about it  (Hormone crying = crying because you feel guilty about wanting to cry).

So last night I finally went to Target and got one of those pregnant body pillows.  Then I got home and spent a glorious 30 minutes in the bath tub letting the Epsom salt work it’s magnesium magic on my joints and muscles.  My body has not felt so great in weeks.  Then I slept like a champion last night.  This morning I felt encouraged, like I can handle this whole pregnancy thing.  I just need to remember that I can make my body less achy.  (Prenatal yoga starts next week).

Bri’s Tips on How to Sleep while Pregnant and with Horrible Back Pain.

  1. Epsom Salt Baths. Let the warm water ease the aches and give your back and hips are break from having to carry the baby around.. the whole weightless in water thing feels goooooooooooooood.

    Not my pregnant belly. I don't even know how this picture was taken. With her chin? Timer? She has a third hand?
  2. Buy a Pregnancy Pillow. I got the boppy one, it may be a little pricey… but your worth it.

    Bonus: Mr. A has been calling me Boppy.

What things have you heard of/tried to ease pregnancy discomfort?

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  1. I totally got one of those body pillows when I was pregnant too and it SAVED me! I was previously an exclusive stomach sleeper, so having to sleep on my side each night was killer for me to get used to. But I got used to it, and now even post pregnancy I sleep on my side still!

    I am a HUGE advocate for prenatal yoga!!! I had aches and pains everywhere, especially my lower back, and yoga helped a ton. I just found a DVD I liked and did it each morning. In addition to easing pain, it made me feel more in tune with my growing body, which is important when you feel like your body is OUT of control!!! :)

  2. Add me to the “not pregnant but want that pillow” list! After getting used to regularly having a boy around to use as a pillow, sleeping alone is going to suck. Even when I was little I shared a bed with my mom, and couldn’t sleep unless I had my leg thrown up over her hip, lol! Now it’s either stomach sleeping or nothing..which I know is awful for my neck and back. But my dang hips are so big that sleeping on my side KILLS me…cuts off circulation/nerves and everything!

  3. I had to laugh a little at the Boppy comment as in my family, for whatever reason, diapers were called Boppy’s. NO IDEA WHY. But anyway, that’s what Boppy will forever be to me.

    All I know or can suggest to you is to be good to you during the next 20 weeks or so. Take time for you. Do what you need to do, whatever it is (more time in bed, relaxing and etc.) and get lots of hugs and kisses from Mr. A.

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