Baby Bump Friday: 22 Weeks

How Far Along: 22 weeks
Size of baby: 11 inches.  A spaghetti squash.
Obviously I had to google this.
Total Weight Gain: I’m at about 10 pounds.  (Thank you bowls of cookie dough ice cream.)
Maternity Clothes: One of the other pregnant women in my office is wearing the same shirt as me today…. I think it’s time for shopping.
Gender: Little Man Baby
Movement: The past couple of days I have been FEELING him move constantly but it’s becoming way harder to find him with my hand.  He’s becoming more active and he still has a ton of space to move around so it’s turned into one of those wack-a-mole games; wherever my hand is he kicks elsewhere.  Little bugger.
Sleep: SO GREAT.  I’m so comfy!!  This is what they meant by the 2nd trimester being so great.  I honestly feel like I could TOTALLY do this again, to which Mr. A reminds me that I was pretty miserable for a good 2 months…  Pssh, doesn’t matter!  I’m walking on sunshine baby.  SUNSHINE.
What I miss: This week didn’t make me miss anything really.  I’ve been kept pretty steadily provided with sweet tea and ice cream so I haven’t really noticed the missing of things.. I’m much too busy being happy and giddy over Baby A moving around and feeling so kick ass.
Cravings: Sweet things.  I wanted chocolate so badly yesterday afternoon I started going cube-to-cube seeking it out.  I am now THAT pregnant lady.
Symptoms: Euphoria?  1st Trimester Amnesia?   Wanting to gush about how HAPPY I AM all the time?  I’m like Eeyore but the opposite; I will tell you how great being pregnant is if you look at me for more the 3.4 seconds.  When I call Mr. A during the day it is most likely to tell him some mushy, happy thought I have had.  Sharing is caring, yo.
What I’m looking forward to: In two weeks Mr. A’s parents are coming up and we’re having a BIG OL’ family get together.  My family, his family, and the little family we’re making.. so cool.  I am REALLY like Mr. A’s family.  I love that they’re coming to hang out with us. (I think we might get Baby A’s crib too!)  (Oh!  I am REALLY looking forward to decorating his nursery.  AND sharing it with you all next week).
Story of the Week:  Mr. A is on summer break (being a high school teacher and all) so he’s been home hanging out, napping, doing things, and learning to cook; which is awesome.  However recently he has gone from being kinda bad at answering his cell phone to so bad at answering his phone it can take him 6 hours to call me back.  Totally ok now because I am just calling to tell him a bird is chirping and it’s making my cry from happiness, BUT I pointed out that when I call the doctors now I am almost immediately put through to Labor and Delivery “To Be Safe” and he should probably work on the phone thing so I don’t find myself in labor stranded somewhere.  Sometime I wish he WAS as connected as I was because if I miss a phone call– a facebook post, tweet, or MMS will totally get my attention.  How do you get a non-phone husband to be a better phone user?  (Besides throwing things at him, he apparently doesn’t appreciate that.)

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  1. The cutest! I love that the 2nd trimester has been so easy and full of happiness for you! And I can’t wait to see the nursery all decorated!

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