A Science Dork Extravaganza Nursery Sneak Peak

Barring a miracle, Baby M is not going to grow up to play any major league sports. We’re totally ok with this (less brain damage and such). Being that his dad studied and teaches physics and his mom is a big ol’ data dork– chances are pretty good that he will be a big nerd like his parents. We’re totally ok with this. Here are our idea’s thus far for Baby M’s nerdy science nursery. We’re kind of obsessed with it.

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22 Responses to “A Science Dork Extravaganza Nursery Sneak Peak”

  1. I love this. And I can’t wait to bunk with ‘zee baby when I visit. Because I’ll be sleeping by the crib. Checking to make sure he’s breathing. And quizzing him on the periodic table.

  2. Seriously. Adorable.
    Especially the I love you to the moon & Back poster. Love the colors and styles you guys are going for.
    Baby M is going to be the cutest dork ever since his parents are =)

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