Baby Bump Friday: 24 Weeks.

I think I did that “popping” thing I’ve heard about. I definitely had a woman at work ask me if I was sure I wasn’t carrying twins. Really? One, I am so obviously not carrying twins. Two, isn’t that rule number one on the list of “Things You Are Not Supposed to Say to a Pregnant Person”.  I’m not saying she’s a heinous biznatch, but I’m also not saying she’s not.  If you know what I mean.

Size of baby: 12.5 inches.  An ear of corn

Total Weight Gain: I actually haven’t checked!  It feels like a lot because my belly has gotten so much more “out there” in the past couple of weeks.

Maternity Clothes: Did a little shopping this past weekend and the shirt I’m wearing today Mr. A bought me all by himself yesterday (Well done, eh?)
Gender: Little Man Baby
Movement: Definitely a lot of movement.  He’s even learned how to kick his Mama in the rib!  Hooray!  /sarcasm
Sleep: I had been doing SO SO great… then in the past couple of days the nerves in my back are getting inflamed again so I’m having a hard time finding a comfortable position to sleep in.  I am kind of nervous that this is “it” and I will be mostly uncomfortable the rest of the pregnancy.
What I miss: This week I miss being able to get up from the couch.  Ha!  No, but really… if Mr. A isn’t there to help I do this rolling-maneuver thing that is not very graceful.
Cravings: I am craving pizza tonight.  (We have pizza on Friday nights, and I cannot wait to get home for it!)
Symptoms: Sciatica nerve pain.  A knee that has been so loosened by the hormones that it clicks.
What I’m looking forward to: Today Mr. A’s parents are coming!  I am excited to see them and we’ll be getting the little man his crib… which is so cool.
Story of the Week:  Mr. A reads physics to my belly every night, and Baby M always gets mobile when he hears his dad’s voice.  Adding on to reading time, Mr. A recently started singing and playing the guitar too.  The first time he was singing to my belly Baby M kicked his hand really hard repeatedly to the beat of the song that was being sung.  Basically we have a musical prodigy on our hands.

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    • You’re my favorite. And THANK YOU. I am 99% sure he bought it because he realized that the costume people put the Gilmore Girls in blue constantly to bring out their eyes. My man has queer eye for the straight guy.

  1. Way to go Mr. A on purchasing a super awesome shirt all by himself. That’s talent. I love that Little Man Baby was digging the beat of the song Mr. A song; also, your husband. Wow, he sure knows how to make your blog readers swoon. True story.

  2. you’re so beautiful and glowing! I wish I looked as happy and as great as you do when I was preggo. It’s so sweet of Mr. A to play to your baby :) I love reading on other moms or soon to be moms out there. I wish that I had documented my pregnancy all the way through. It definitely would’ve been nice to look back at.

  3. 😀 I just hopped over from 20SB and I’m so glad I did!! How stinking adorable are you and your life?!? Such a gorgeous soon to be mama with writing that makes me smile, just what I look for in blogs to follow. I hope your pregnancy keeps going smoothly and I hope wedding planning is ridiculous fun too. I’m not quite at either of those points yet but I love seeing how other spunky girls venture those waters before me :) can’t wait to stop by again!

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