How to Turn Your Apartment into a Living, Breathing Vision Board

Today I am happy to be having the lovely and talented Ms. Doniree guest posting.  She’s amazing and extremely kick ass in every way.  She blogs at and, and you can follow her on Twitter @doniree.

I’m a BIG fan of the vision board.

I’m totally on board the “thoughts become things” train and believe that what we put out to the Universe (in terms of thoughts, then feelings, and especially the action of how we choose to spend our time) play a massive role in what we manifest in our lives.

On that note, I’m a HUGE proponent of being laser-focused and deliberate (intentional) about what I put out to the Universe. I want abundance, travel, love, adventure, and peace. So, I’m constantly spending my time working on things that support those values.

So what does a vision board have to do with anything? I believe that any great thing we accomplish starts as a tiny idea somewhere. For that reason, I believe that putting up a constant reminder of exactly what it is we want forces us to keep focused on the big dreams and helps align how we spend our present moments.

 What’s that got to do with your apartment (or your house)?

There are many ways you can do a “vision board” or a “life list” (bucket list). Many. But I think there are three that are particularly interesting – and easy enough!

Create a Vision Board

This one’s the easiest. Grab poster board or foam board, a pair of scissors, some glue and a stack of magazines you think best reflects you and what you want out of life. For me? It’s Yoga Journal, Real Simple, Bon Appétit, Wired (sometimes) and a random collection of travel magazines. The pictures and words I cut out and put in front of my face? Those look something like this:

  • women doing yoga in beautiful places (on mountain tops, at beaches)
  • gorgeous, clean living spaces with lots and lots of sunlight
  • boats, airstreams, and other modes of transportation that one could conceivably live in for a period of time
  • anything that supports travel, especially to places like Europe,Australia, andIndonesia
  • anything that supports successful writing: books, notebooks, bylines.
  • dollar signs

The vision board I did a little over a year ago is here. I’m in the process of my next one, as I’ve gotten even clearer on what I want in the next phase of my life.

 Skip the Board and Just Use a Wall

My boyfriend (Chris) and I have space on a wall in our apartment that just is our vision board. We started with a picture of a house in a city we like (and want to live, hint: Southern Califonia), and have since started surrounding it with photos we find of other things we both want: an Airstream Trailer, an address at a home in a beach town, programs we want to be a part of.

Every time I look up from my desk I’m reminded that my priorities (values) include:

  • travel
  • living in a place that’s warm all year-round
  • success

Keeping that front and center keeps me focused on the work I choose to do. Does this task/client/relationship support those values? If so, full speed ahead. If not, how can I make it work?

 Note: I wouldn’t recommend the glue for this vision-board-on-the-wall-one. Go with push pins (thumb tacks) or tape instead.

Use ALL of Your Space

I have yet to do this, but it’s something I’ve considered and would love to put into action sometime. What if you turned your home decor into a living vision board? What if the pictures you hung on your walls were of places you wanted to travel, rather than places you’ve already been? Or what if the wine or beer you stocked your fridge with was from a part of the world you wanted to visit? I can’t help but believe that when we choose things so specifically and intentionally as deciding how we surround our every day living space – big things could happen.

If you were to use your entire living space as one giant vision board, what would you decorate with?

Doniree Walker is a freelance writer/blogger based in Portland, Oregon. Her clients include, a service helping renters find The Colony, TX apartments. She spends her free time frequenting Portland’s farmers’ marketstraining for her first 5K, and daydreaming about the places she plans to travel.

She blogs at and, and you can follow her on Twitter @doniree.

5 Responses to “How to Turn Your Apartment into a Living, Breathing Vision Board”

  1. I’m pretty much in love with this post. I’ve been meaning to create a vision board for months, and haven’t done it yet. This is probably a great time to do so, given that I’ve spent the past couple of months really focusing and making decisions about what I want to accomplish over the next few years.

  2. I love the idea of putting photos on your wall that represent your goals. Intentional living can be difficult and little reminders make a huge difference. I’d like to make something that helps me remember not to complain. Recently it has been brought to my attention that I voice my complaints often. Things that most people probably keep to themselves. And it’s not that I am unhappy, I just say them. It is unnecessary and must change. Thanks for the inspiration.

  3. I love this, Doniree! I just officially got an office this week, and the first artwork on the wall was a giant world map (from IKEA – it’s the greatest). I really like the idea of framed art to represent goals and places I’d like to see.

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