Recipe for Happiness

Recipe for Happiness

  • Spend enough time out of the house and away from Mr. A that I really miss him.  So much, in fact, that on the way home from brunch I considered stopping to check the mail but then decided against it because I wanted to snuggle my husband NOW.
  • Pedicures for a pregnant body.  The massage almost made me cry it felt so good.  I hadn’t thought about how my occasional foot and leg cramps have led to little knots being in my feet and legs.  A ten minute massage and hot stones?  There is not enough hyperbole in the entire universe to adequately describe to you how great that felt.
  • A BBQ with friends and making it PAST midnight!  I’m like a pregnant super hero.
  • Spending time every day appreciating Mr. A and feeling super loved on.
  • Eating fruit and veggies from the farmers market.  It just tastes better.
  • Spending the evening planning my hospital bag shopping list and packing list.  (I’m a planner, what can I say?)
  •  Babysitting my favorite 2 year old Saturday night, and trying to read a book on the floor with her.  My belly was 100% in the way and it made me think about how crazy it will be to be pregnant next time with a little one wanting to play on the floor.  (Side note: Carrying her was EASY.  She just fits on top of my belly like it’s a shelf!)
  • Taking steps towards a career move that make me really proud.  I even ordered business cards!
  • Being reminded that Mr. A has the biggest, softest heart ever.  We watched “The Business of Being Born” last night every. single. time. a baby was born the tears would come.  I love that man.
  • Remembering to pause and be grateful for every person and moment.  It’s all so great.

What were the best parts of YOUR weekend?  Where are you finding bliss?

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  1. My beau and I had a bit of a rough weekend, but at the end of it he brought me purple (my favorite color!) daisies and a pint of Blue Bell Homemade Vanilla to share as an apology :)

  2. This post makes me all smiley, Bri. LOVE.
    I’m finding bliss in the little moments… when Knight winks at me from across the kitchen table during even when the kidlets are being loud. When my dog Jack rests his head on my lap during my work day. When I get really sweet comments from my dad on my blog that make me cry. When I get “big squeezes” from Belle before she goes to bed at night; she can’t/won’t/refuses to stay in bed until she gets what she deems to be enough big squeezes.

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