Summer Mornings

I have been becoming increasingly aware of how much our lives are about to change, again.  In 2.5 months we will have a family of three, and I am so very excited for it all.  I am also so very grateful to have had a summer like we have had.  I love that life ebbs and flows and I try so hard to be aware of when I am in the restful period of life so I can really make the best of it in preparation for the next phase.  I feel rested and ready.  I feel so incredibly in love with my husband and our life.  Our summer has felt like a safe period for us so we can be rested for another round of adjustment.  Summer mornings, in particular, have felt so insulated from all the changes we’ve had and have coming I am a little sad to see them go.

Every morning Mr. A and I walk to the local coffee shop together.  We hold hands.  He generally wakes up along the walk, transitioning from one words sentences to rambling musings.  They know us at the coffee shop, there are generally laughs exchanged as Mr. A gets his large coffee and I get my vanilla latte.  4/5 mornings involve Mr. A singing a silly song as we’re leaving the shop.  I’m trying to remember what song it was this morning but all I can remember is that it was definitely a song sung by a woman because I can still hear the pitch shift in his voice as I laughed.  My mornings are blissful.

We talk a lot about Baby M on our mornings.  We also talk about music or freelancing or whatever thing one of us read on the internet that was fascinating.  When Mr. A goes back to school next week, I am going to miss these summer mornings but mostly I am just so grateful they happened the way they did.  I feel refreshed and ready for the next wave.

Next summer Mr. A will have another summer vacation and we will be able to walk to coffee together in the morning, but we will be carrying our son with us while we go.  Awesome in its own right, but totally different.

Do you guys ever get super aware of being in a lovely fleeting stage of your life?


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  1. That’s so exciting! And I think it’s so cute that you guys walk to the local coffee shop every morning together. Too bad my husband and I don’t like coffee so we can do that.

  2. Adorable, and I know exactly what you mean. Most nights Nick and I cuddle on the couch watching TV and snuggle up with the dog, and I get to thinking about how it will be when WE have kids, move out of our current place, after Sparty passes, etc., and how grateful I should be for just those moments of being US…right now, as we are.

  3. So lovely. I used to have similar feelings at the end of every school year when I knew I wouldn’t be seeing my friends for a while, especially in college. I guess I haven’t had too many changes lately because that sense that beautiful stage is fleeting hasn’t come over me in a while.

  4. I think you being present and aware that this is the peaceful part is a wonderful skill. I don’t recognize the big spurts of peace but I do minutes. Oh “this is going to be a great 3 minutes.” I wish I saw how wonderful the friendships I’ve made in high school were and how great it was to see my best friends everyday. (We’re still close but so far apart.) I wish I saw the same thing during college. I would have taken it in more and been more present.

  5. Clearly, Life Twin, I’m right there with you. Every time I hear something that reminds me of how quickly time is passing (like when my doctor said, “You’re almost to your third trimester!”), I realize, well… how quickly time is passing, and how much life is about to change.

    I love the picture you painted of your summer mornings, though. They sound wonderful and I’m so happy you and Mr. A have that opportunity! :)

  6. This made me all goosebumpy and smiley and happy. So glad you two had this summer together, those special moments, the things you’ll look back in a few years (or months, even) and say “remember when…?”

  7. This made me stop and think to savor this time that James and I are doing the distance thing. Today, for the first time in a while, I cried when saying goodbye to him before he left to go back to Maryland. It’s hard right now, but I guess it’s also a special time. Hopefully, we’ll be living close to each other soon, but I’m sure I’ll miss that feeling I get when I see his face for the first time after a stretch of time apart.

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