Baby Bump Friday: 29 Weeks

By bump, my bump, my lovely baby bump. Check it out.

In case you were wondering when I do not post for a whole week one of two things are happening: 1. I’m just being boring or 2. I’m stressed out and in the fetal position waiting for the storm to pass.  This week it was option 2.  Work was insane, and not in an “I’m so busy way” but in an “I am drowning and overwhelmed.  Cannot sleep.  Miserable.  Tension headache way.”  It was not good for me and not good for Baby M… stress is bad.  Hopefully this weekend will be rejuvenating and I will be back in action next week.

Size of baby: 15 inches.  Butternut Squash.
This one I get.


Total Weight Gain: Don’t know.  Don’t care.  (How do you like THEM apples?)  I mean, all bodies are different.  Eat well.  Keep moving.  Stop stressing out about weight gain.

Maternity Clothes: Today I am wearing a shirt AND sweater that are not maternity.  WINNING.
Gender: Little Man Baby
Movement: His kicks are stronger, for sure.  One day this week he was in a position that made it harder to feel him and I hated it.  I was super paranoid that something was wrong.
Sleep: Sleep has been good as long as I am not stressing over a work issue.  I had a nightmare last weekend that I went into early labor and he was NOT ok and I couldn’t find the hospital.  I cried a ton.  That was the worst dream ever.
What I miss: Being able to reach my toes.
Cravings: Nothing really.  Water?  Water is just the best thing right now.  I’ve been drinking it a ton.
Symptoms: Little Man has been causing sciatic back issues this week… he hasn’t done this in months and it is the WORST.  Shooting pains down my legs is no good.
What I’m looking forward to: I just cannot wait to meet him.  My baby shower invites are starting to be received and THAT is amazing too.  My bestie will be here soon, and I’ve missed her something crazy this entire time. Oh, and TELLING YOU ALL his name next week!!!!

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