Oh September.

Welcome to my third annual love fest of Fall.  In 2009, my I love fall post was written August 20th... that’s how much I love fall.  I love it when it’s very clearly still Summer.  To each her own, right?  Well, it’s September 1st and even though it’s supposed to be 90 degrees on Friday I can feel the intensity of the summer heat starting to fade.  The nights are cooler.  The mornings are chillier.  Fall is definitely on its way and I am so completely excited about it.

Things I love about Fall:

  • I am having a fall baby.  That means that I am coming INTO the season that will bring Miles.  That’s pretty wonderful.  I have been LOVING finding him Fall clothes for when he’s here.  My favorite right now:
  • While most of my pre-Miles clothes do not fit there is one exception: cardigans.  I have been pulling out all my old sweaters and cardigans again and I can’t wait to pair them back up with my boots and skinny jeans… did I mention I 100% own maternity skinny jeans?  Oh!  And scarves!   What is it about fall clothing that just makes me swoony?

Then there is:

  • baking.  Especially pie now that I’ve figured out the whole home-made crust deal.
  • Football
  • Fall television (Parenthood!  Cannot wait!)
  • Acoustic music that just feels good when it’s cooler out.  The Weepies?  John Mayer?  Alexi Murdoch?  All of it.
  • Apples!  Apples and cinnamon!  Candles, pie, all of it.  The smell is just too wonderful.
  • Pumpkin!  Pie, lattes, beer.  Oh Pumpkin beer how I miss you.
  • Coffee shop dates
  • Crockpot Meals
  • My baby shower (and subsequent visit from my Bestie)

Oh Fall I’ve missed you.


What are your favorite things about fall??

13 Responses to “Oh September.”

  1. I LOVE that picture. I love the color orange – it’s so happy. I’m such a Fall girl as well. Pumpkin flavored things! Squash in season! Sweaters! Bring it on!

    • I LOVED this tree outside my house. The picture turned out so great and it was a day I was spending drinking wine and writing if I remember correctly.

  2. Love this list! And loving that it’s already September because I am loving the same things, especially baking and college football season!

    Another favorite thing about fall for me is warm apple cider and crisp fall days. Granted, it won’t be fall-y down here until almost November, but I am excited for that day!

    • Ah yes, warm apple cider. Totally with you on that. Even better is putting it in the crockpot to mull and when you get home from work and its cold and rainy- your house smells like cider and its ready to drink!

  3. Love this post so much. I love Fall! And my favorite things about it are: Fall colors, apple-cinnamon-pumpkinspice candles, coziness, rich hearty broths. Brings out the vintage in me 😀

  4. I’ve only recently realized how much I adore fall. My favorite thing about autumn is all of the pumpkin-flavored stuff… Dunkin Donuts just put out their pumpkin coffee/donuts/muffins, so I’m a happy camper.

  5. Everyone’s laughing at me at work for saying how much I love fall, but I do. I love cardigans, wearing light jackets, that temperature where it’s just not quite hot anymore. And, of course, fall clothing, pumpkins, apples, etc.

    Also, your baby clothes that you’ve picked out are adorable, and your name for him is a great choice, in my opinion.

  6. I love candy corn. And the fact that I can drink my favorite tea again. And making the house smell all warm and cozy. And slippers! I can wear slippers without my feet getting all sweaty. This is important. And bonfires. Love those a lot too.

    Fall is most defintely my favorite thing ever.

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