Soul Weekend 2011

I believe in traditions.  I believe in claiming things as annual events with vigor even if it’s the first time you’ve done it.  My Bestie and I have a ton of traditions, things that we started doing and just didn’t let go of.

Soul Weekend is one of those things.

Every labor day weekend Olivia and I have soul weekend.  Soul Weekend started 5 months after my huge, messy break up and consequent move to the Bay Area.  I was broken and empty is a lot of ways.  A weekend that was focused on feeding my soul and happiness was exactly what I needed.


Soul Weekend 2009

Here is how Soul Weekend works:

  1. First, you block off a specific amount of time.  A weekend, two days.. whatever you have.  Maybe it’s the planner in me, but I relax best when I block off chunks of time to be unplanned.  Our Soul Weekend’s have adjusted to meet us where our lives are; this year there was no sleepovers because at 7.5 months pregnant my own bed is really the only place I can sleep.
  2. The first thing we do is make a list of the things that sound good.  Make art, bumble, read a book, visit a museum, dance party, drink wine, or plan a picnic.  We always paint mugs at a ceramics place.
  3. Then we just do them.  Or do other things.  Or follow any whim we have to a new thing that wasn’t on the list.  We follow our hearts.  We explore new towns; generally with a coffee in hand.
Soul Weekend 2010

Each year we are both in new places.  The first year I was still in the aftershocks of my break up, last year I was processing my mom’s cancer and our relationship… this year was more for Olivia.  She’s been having a tough time with some family things and I was so happy to just be able to sit with her.  Process with her.  Remind her that life is beautiful and that sometimes your friends can step in and carry you when you need it.  We talked about how next year, Miles will be here… and we will take him along.  He has a soul that will need tending to also.

Soul Weekend 2011

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  1. I love when you blog about Soul Weekend. It makes my heart happy. So happy that y’all have this. Can’t wait to hear about the many, many more. Love love love.

  2. I love that you this year, every year. You’re absolutely right, its so important to set aside chunks of time and just be there for each other. Sounds quite lovely.

  3. Soul weekends are amazing. I’m so glad you girls hold onto these traditions and keep them alive! Totally necessary and worth it.

    I of course love the photos and how adorable you two are :)

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