Weekly Intentions

I'm pregnant. I'm tired. I'm tired of being pregnant.

Katie and I decided a few weeks ago to be accountability partners, we’ve been sending each other our weekly goals and then checking in on each other throughout the week.  This worked for a while, but then I started realizing that I was getting SO. TIRED.  I feel like I am first trimester tired again, that lovely phase of pregnancy where I napped under my desk on my lunch break.

Sunday Amy wrote about how she was going to set a weekly intention, and I loved it because I could see it taking some of the pressure off of me by removing the long to-do list, but setting myself up to feel like I’ve accomplished something.  She used Rowdy Kittens‘s steps and I love it, so I am doing the same thing.

Here we go:

1. Think about what you want to work on and write down your ideas.  I have a ton of things I could be doing all the time for freelancing and blogging and baby-prep.  My brain feels full of lists.   I want to work on balance.  I have been making my to-do lists, and when I feel overwhelmed by them I give up on everything window in favor of sitting on the couch watching reruns of The League in front of the air conditioner.  I need to shoot to set goals a little more manageable for my ALMOST 8 month pregnant self, while allowing myself plenty of sleep and snuggle time.

2. After you write out the list, look it over.  Commitment to balance.  Sleep when I need to.  Follow through with the things I commit to, but be less willing to commit myself to much of anything.  (I have enough commitments, thank you.)

3. Make an active effort to focus on your intention. This will be interesting.  I think it will translate to a little more motivation AND a little more relaxation… not feeling like I’m being a bum while I should be doing something.  If I manage to get SOMETHING checked off of my to-do list so I can relax without guilt.

4. Continue to reestablish your intention throughout the week.

What is your intention for the week?

3 Responses to “Weekly Intentions”

  1. I saw this idea on Amy’s blog the other day and really liked it. With being almost 8 months pregnant and trying to stop of top of everything else (ummm, life), I’m sure you want more balance. My intention for this week is patience. I’m trying to work out a new living situation with my sister and it’s turning out to be kinda stressful. Patience!

  2. What a wonderful idea! My intention for this week is balance. I am slowly learning to spend time sleeping when I need to instead of just going with the flow and staying up late to hang with friends. They will still be around on the weekend, right? :)

  3. This is a fab idea. I’m going to definitely try to follow a similar style! It’s easy to get lost in the fray when you’re moving day in and day out. My to-do list sometimes frightens me into inaction as well, which really doesn’t help matters at all.

    Good luck with the last leg of your pregnancy! You’ve definitely got that glow going for you, and you look lovely :)

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