Lessons in Love: Traditions

Is it too soon to talk holidays?  No, good.  Because that’s what we’re doing today.

Thanksgiving will be here before you know it, followed closely by Christmas.  My question is how you and your Man-Friend navigate the holiday traditions.  Do you swap whose family you spend Thanksgiving or Christmas with?  Do you put a limit on gift cost?

This year for Thanksgiving we have no idea how old Miles will be.  He’ll be here, but he could be just getting home from the hospital or in his 3rd week at home.  So we’re planning on sticking close and making no plans.  We will go with the flow.

Christmas has always been a huge deal to me.  I was THAT single girl with the tub of Christmas decorations.  I really want to keep Christmas morning for our little family, and then deal with everyone else secondarily.  This year we will be waking up Christmas morning at our house and then some time that day or the next driving down to San Diego to be with Mr. A’s family for a week.

I also want to know what kind of Holiday Traditions you guys have in your homes.  For example, I will be making Apple Dutch Babies Christmas morning and everyone gets new PJs Christmas eve.  The Christmas tree goes up the day after Christmas while singing Christmas songs and sipping hot cider.  We will be going to our towns Christmas tree lighting ceremony (because Santa will be there and Miles will totally want to meet him right?).

What works for you and your house?  How do you navigate all the family expectations?  AND what traditions make you really excited for the holidays to come?


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  1. since both our families are within 4 freeway exits of each other, we are luck enough to be able to visit both houses on the same day. we had our own little christmas on christmas eve, opening our presents from each other and whatnot. :-)

    p.s. i best get to see you and that little man when you come down here!!!

  2. I LOVE the fall/winter holidays and so I’m pretty happy that it’s not as stressful, tradition-wise, as it could be. We generally spend Thanksgiving here in the Bay with the bf’s mom. I’m big on Thanksgiving festivities (i.e. cooking all day and football and turkeys and pies and everything else!), but his family isn’t, so it’s been up to me to make it a big deal…which is fine. 😉 Christmas, on the other hand, is generally spent with my family in Hawaii! It includes making granola energy bars with my mom, our family’s Secret Santa and Annual Cook-Off competition, waking up on Christmas morning to open gifts and have a big breakfast, than cooking all day again so that we can have food ready for our giant family while we’re all hanging out together.

    Thanks so much for this post! I loved remember all these things!

  3. My husband and I have only been married two years (on Sunday!) and for our first holiday season he was in Iraq. Last year we spent Thanksgiving and Christmas with his family, but we flew up to RI to visit my family for a few days following Christmas. I’m hoping that this year we will be able to afford a road trip to RI for Thanksgiving and then spend Christmas here in MS with his family. We don’t really have any traditions yet aside from things we’ve been doing for years with our own families, but I’m sure we’ll make traditions in the forever that we’ve promised each other. :]

  4. We grew up Polish and as such opened presents on Christmas Eve. My parents (and the other adults) would customarily stretch dinner out as long as they possibly could, much to the chagrin of my brother and I, who would be nervously eyeing the tree and wondering how long one could possibly sip the same cup of coffee…

    We also stored our decorations in a crawlspace, and my brother was the designated “mole” who had to go get them all out, navigating around exposed nails and wall insulation to do so. We’d start playing Christmas carols the moment the crawlspace door was opened, and they were the only entertainment allowed in the house during the season (at least in the living room, public area whatever).

    I love it. I love it so much. I can’t wait to have a family to make it even more special.

  5. Well, this is the first year that we are living together and are engaged, so it’s a little different than last year! We are doing Thanksgiving just us (with the girls) and any family who is interested in coming (so far no one, ha). Then we are doing Christmas a weekend early as it works with our schedule for when we have the kidlets, so basically a kidlet Christmas + Knight’s family and then we are going to my parents house for the actual Christmas! I’m looking forward to it. Will be a whirlwind but full of new traditions and love and light :)

  6. This will be my first holiday season with my current boyfriend, so I have no clue what we’re doing yet in terms of visiting families. In my family, we have a party with my mom’s side of the family on Christmas Eve then see my dad’s side on Christmas Day. In the past I would have my ex spend Christmas Eve with me because his family (and most families) don’t have any major plans. Not sure what we’ll do this year – probably the same thing, I’m guessing.

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