Baby Bump Friday: 35 Weeks

Look How Happy My Fave Looks! I'm So Tired!

This week was all about the emotion “Holy Hell I’m Going to Have a Baby Really Soon.”  I had such an amazing baby shower, but I also cried almost every night this past weekend being overwhelmed with all there is to do still.  Onesies to buy!  We need a bathtub!  We don’t possess a single diaper!  Since then, lists have been made and shopping trips have happened and I am feeling infinitely more prepared now.

Wednesday night was our last birth class, which is so sad!  We’ve been taking Bradley classes for the past 8 weeks, and I remember signing up for them and thinking October 5th was so far away… and now it’s passed and we’re supposed to have a baby with all that knowledge we gone done learned in those classes.  I definitely recommend taking some sort of birth class if you’re able too, it has been a huge relief to my brain to feel like I understand the possibilities of labor.

This weekend I have my BFF from Grad School (Jimmie) coming in for the weekend.  His trip is literally the last thing of note until Mr. A and I just kind of hibernate and wait for Miles to get here.  So incredible how fast it’s all gone and how I also feel like I’ve been pregnant for-ev-er.

Size of baby: 18 inches.  Honeydew melon.

Total Weight Gain: Somewhere in the 30+ lbs range.  Probably.  Maybe.  Who cares.

Maternity Clothes: I am super thankful I am not going to be pregnant in Winter because now that it’s getting cold it’s become apparent that none of my sweater/jackets fit.  I wore an oversized fleece Wednesday morning and it didn’t even kind of cover my belly.  Tank tops are cheaper than coats.  #science
Gender: Little Man Baby
Movement: He is now so big that when he moves while I’m walking it can hurt!  He’s definitely very wiggly and Monday he wiggled into the head-down position (Yay to him being the correct way, Boo to his feet being in my ribs.)
Sleep: A little toss-and-turny but the cold weather has been helping.  I get all cuddly in my blankets and feel very happy.  I am exhausted by 8pm too, it’s like 1st trimester exhaustion all over again.
What I miss: Laying on my belly!  I miss it so so much right now.  I am OVER sleeping on my side.
Cravings: Chocolate milk!  It conquers pregnant heartburn!
Symptoms: Now that he’s turned he is back on my sciatic nerve, which hurt SO bad last night I was almost in tears.  Thank God for Mr. A who ran around getting ice packs and heating pads to make everything better.  That guy is a keeper.
What I’m looking forward to: A relaxing weekend with a great friend full of naps, movies, and brunches.

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  1. Hooray for Baby M being in the correct position, but boo for rib kicking. That can’t feel lovely at all! And while I don’t have heartburn I’m now craving chocolate milk!

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