Baby Bump Friday: 36 Weeks

I let my hair out of it's bun on Fridays. Just for this picture.

Man.  I am really uncomfortable.  My stomach is hard all the time.  Nothing is comfortable.  I just want to snuggle on the couch with Mr. A.

I have been going by the doctor’s guess-timation of due date they gave me at my 20 week ultrasound, but I think it’s wrong.  I know exactly when Miles was conceived and his due date would actually be a few days earlier.  Not that it matters in the grand scheme of baby-birthing because he could still be early or late by a lot…. but I am definitely heading into the “he could come at any time” point of this pregnancy.  So much so that this morning I told Mr. A that we need to pack up the hospital bag and make sure it’s in the car at all times… If I go into labor at work I won’t have time to run home for my carefully planned bag.

The goal is to have his nursery all finished this weekend so I can share it with you all before he gets here.  It’s looking amazing.  I find myself wandering into his room a lot lately just to sit in the big chair and imagine him being here.

Size of baby: On average, a 36 week old babe weighs around 6 lbs and is about the size of three pomegranates… or as I like to say, he is about the size of a baby: a real-could-live-just-fine-outside-of-me baby.

Total Weight Gain: I stepped on a scale last night and I am getting near 40lbs.  Yikes.  This fact along with my swollen feet might have led to my needing to repeatedly ask Mr. A if he still loves me even though I’m a huge-chubby-whale.  (He says he still loves me and I’m not a whale.)  (I’ll keep him.)

Maternity Clothes: True story: Some of my maternity clothes don’t fit.  Basically if it wasn’t for this long target maternity tank I wear under everything my belly would be sneaking out of most everything.
Gender: Little Man Baby
Movement: Still wiggling.
Sleep: Ugh.  Sleep has been hard this week.  Between pressure and pain in my joints, heart burn, having to pee all the time, AND waking up with leg cramps… I’m basically a zombie by about 2pm every day.
What I miss: I miss sleep.
Cravings:  All I want is milk.  I drink glasses upon glasses of non-fat organic milk all day.
Symptoms: After an entire pregnancy of feeling like I was mostly skipping the tough symptoms, I now feel like I have ALL of the symptoms.  I have the heartburn, the intense pelvic pressure, cramping, swollen feet, difficulty sleeping, complete fatigue, hormonal crying spells…. I gotz them all.
What I’m looking forward to: A quiet, unplanned weekend with Mr. A.  We don’t have very many of them left!

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