And now we can all put away our Justin Bieber Christmas CDs.

I’m sure I am not the first person to fall off the face of the internet once the Holidays come around.  Mr. A started his vacation on the 18th and it was just so nice snuggling with him on the couch watching CSI marathons with The Wee Baby Miles.

We had three Christmas’ this year, the first was with my family at my Aunts.  Due to the whole “I was single this time last year” thing, this was the first time Mr. A got to be in on my family’s celebrations.  I love that when we’re all together there is a ton of laughter and you get the sense that we just really enjoy each other. (The official family photo this year was taken by my camera and I saved us from having to make a bajillion attempts at getting a good one.  You’re welcome Family.)


Our First Christmas
Grandma got to love on Miles a ton.

Christmas night meant firmly establishing the New Christmas Jammies rule.

On Christmas morning we woke up to open our gifts and then hopped into the car and headed to Mr. A’s parents home in San Diego.  I was so nervous that Miles would scream the whole time, but he was a joy.  I think I’ll keep him.

Miles in the car. Totally chill.

In San Diego, I don’t think Miles spent more than 2 minutes not in someone’s arms. I pumped a ton just so his Grandad and Grammie could bond with him over his beverage of choice.

Miles loved reading with Daddy… although the new Vonnegut biography was a bit dry for his taste.  He requested a wake up when it was time to read “Good Night Moon”. 

The night we left we got to squeeze in a quick visit with my BFF and her Hubby. Erin is Miles’ Godmother, so it was quite an important meeting. Luckily they got along well.

Hope your holiday was lovely too.  We are loving spending the couple of days before the New Year getting our apartment in order.  I have been telling myself that I had until the New Year to focus solely on Miles before entering the world again.  I am diving head first into more writing, more goals, freelancing, etc.  Thanks for all of your patience and support while I was in my little cocoon of New-Mamahood.  I am looking forward to being back.

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