Two Months.

It’s crazy insane to think about how much this little guy changes in a month.  He has gone from a sleeping newborn to a smiley little baby.  He’s interactive now!

He had his 8 week check up yesterday and he is currently weighing in at 13.5 lbs and is 24 inches long.  He also managed to pee AND spit up on my while we were in the doctors office (take THAT teenage Miles, I am documenting all of your moments for posterity.  Welcome to your baby book.)

The first time Miles smiled at me on purpose I was sitting with him in my lap making absolutely silly faces and sounds at him.  When he broke into his dimpled grin I burst into tears while still making my silly faces at him.  He knows who I am.  He loves his Daddy.  The yellow dangly toy in his car seat is his new best friend; he will stare at that little thing forever.

Things Miles think are A-Ok:

– Bathtime!  Water!  Kicking his feet!

-Tummy time.  Getting ripped in while playing (ok, staring) at his activity gym.

-Being help high enough to see over your shoulder.  He is no longer amused staring at the wall, he wants us up and moving around so he has things to look at.

-Sucking on pinkies and his own hand.  He still hasn’t figured out how to keep a soothie in his mouth for any real period of time, so I’m stoked he’s found his hand.

-Sade II.  His seahorse still helps him get to sleep… the original Sade jumped out of my arms yesterday and committed sea horse suicide.  Poor girl sounded all minor-chord and slow.  Kind of creepy.  Mom had to go get a new Sade.

-Miles is finally getting on board with riding in his car seat, largely in part to the drive to and from San Diego for Christmas.  I think he’s just more at home there. Today we took a 4 mile walk and he was a pleasant companion the whole time.

Things Miles Could Live Without:

– Shots.  He got his first shots yesterday and has been a little whimpery and fever-y.  Poor little guy.

-Hats.  Always.  Make.  Him.  Cry.


Here is a little comparison of Miles each month with Monk Monk.


Lastly, this past week I started my gig as the new parenting writer for the website Twenties Hacker. It’s going to be a ton of fun to write, and I in the company of some of my favorite twentysomething writers.

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  1. Congrats on the new job as a parenting writer! That’s great :) Not a site I’ve heard of… speaking of, we still need to get our site up and going.

    Miles is just so darn adorable. I love it. And the photos of him with Monk Monk. And that you name his toys and stuffed animals. Adorable.

    Sounds like you’re all doing well and I’m so happy for you :)

  2. I love everything in this post! Especially the monthly comparison photos with Miles and Monk Monk. We’ll be doing something similar with one of E’s toys. :) Glad that Miles is getting on board with the car seat! We got lucky on that front – that car seat is like magic for us. E is usually fast asleep before we’re even out of our driveway.

  3. I’m a new reader (followed link from TH) and I just wanted to say that the comparison photos are some of the best things I’ve seen… ever. Too cute. Looking forward to seeing the ones for the upcoming months! How cool would it be if 20 years from now Big Miles takes a comparison photo with Monk Monk!

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