This past weekend was the first anniversary of ALL THE THINGS beginning with Mr. A.

A year ago I went to a party at a friend’s house and he walked in and we were like magnets.  Even though we had met each other before, something was different that night.  Everything was different that night.  We talked for hours.  At one point I told him that my earrings were too heavy, so he took them out and kissed my earlobes.  (I mean, seriously.)  A year later we have a 3 month old.  MAY THIS BE A LESSON TO YOU ALL.  Letting a boy kiss your earlobes can totally get you pregnant.  You’re welcome.

I think the most common thing married people say about marriage is that it so hard.  You have to work at it EVERY day, they say.  The first year is the hardest and you’ll fight all the time, they warn.  Blah blah blah.  When I was preparing to get married my best friend had opposing advice.  She told me that marriage was THE BEST thing ever.  She admitted that she and her husband loved it more and more every day and that being married was so much cooler than dating or even just living together.  It just keeps getting better she told me.

Well, I’m going to just say it, being married to Mr. A has been easy and lovely and I love it more with every single passing day.

From the beginning things were just easy.  We never played games.  He always wanted to know when he was going to see me next and he was very, very up front with how much he liked me.  I have always felt incredibly secure in our relationship, something that was completely uncharted territory for me.  It’s given me the confidence to be my most authentic self, and I give him all the support I can muster so that he can be exactly who he is (Someone who I think is incredibly cool, BTW).  Most of all, we like each other.  We’re solidly the best of friends; giggling together as we tip-toe into Miles’ nursery to look at his cherub face one more time before bed.

A year later we still have huge crushes on each other, and we tease each other for it.  Last night I was sitting on the couch after a shower with wet, ratty hair and no make-up casually licking the sugar and cinnamon off the bottom of the chex mix bowl with my finger when he came up and looked at me with shmoopy eyes and told me he loved me.  I laughed and said he was crazy, but over the past year it’s really started to sink in.  I believe him.  He loves me, and I love him back.

Best year EVER.



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  1. SO HAPPY FOR YOU! This is the most amazing story, and I can’t believe it’s been a year. I remember the Valentine’s Day Cupcake Party at Nicole’s — you were so giddy and excited that you’d met Mr. A. YAY FOR YOU! Endless congratulations.

  2. THIS. All of this. Maybe it’s sappy but my heart just got so full reading this. I’m so happy that the last year has brought you do much darn happiness. Miles is lucky to have such a great role model of what love looks like.

    • I think it’s important for people to know that there is awesome love out there, you know? Like… I was in so many NOT great relationships that I kind of forgot that it doesn’t have to be so hard. Mike learned what love looked like from HIS parents (they’re so adorable), I hope Miles learns the same lessons.

    • We send each other pictures all day. Mike actually JUST called to discuss the cuteness of the picture I sent him this morning. Parenthood is the best.

  3. As someone who is in the middle of ending a relatively short marriage, reading from a couple who gets “it” and has “it” is so refreshing and reassuring as I think about what I want for my future partner. My first year of marriage was hell and every time people said it was supposed to be hard, I always thought to myself the hard stuff is supposed to be the who does the dishes or leaving socks lying around stuff, not major life things. I honestly wanted to laugh at them when they said that because you’re so right, marriage– to the right person- to your best friend– is not hard, it is fun, exciting, and filled with love. I think the “marriage is hard” comment is the result of our cynical society and while my marriage was hard, it was hard because it was the wrong fit, not because the idea of being with a person forever is difficult.
    PS the line about the earlobes made me laugh so hard I had to share with my office mate :)

  4. you know what this means right ? There’s a HUGE design flaw in some birth control items. most of them don’t protect earlobes 😛

  5. “Letting a boy kiss your earlobes can totally get you pregnant.” <– Bahaha!

    This is just the sweetest post. I'm so glad things are going well for you!

  6. I just love the story you have with Mr. A. For someone perpetually single and all I hear about are woman complaining about their men, it’s just so refreshing to see someone who has found the deep, “schmoopy” love you two share. It’s inspiring and Miles is so, so blessed to have you two as his parents.

  7. LOVE this. I also remember the messages and phone calls we exchanged after you met him. Been a pleasure being along for this journey and just so incredibly happy for you both. <3

  8. I’m a relatively new reader, and I am totally IN LOVE with this post. One, because the beginning of my relationship sounds so familiar to yours. I was never secure in realtionships, and my Mr. O just made me feel so secure. I knew from the first few days we would always be together. We aren’t married yet, but I can’t wait, and believe that it is all what you put into your marraige that makes it hard or easy. I’m just going to aim for easy. Plan and simple. It has never been hard. It’s been the best, and I don’t want that to change. And Im willing to make it happen.

    BUT back YOU. This post made my heart happy. Congrats. And I’m glad to know about the earlobes/pregnancy thing 😉

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