Miles Right Now.

366 days ago I found out I was pregnant.  Exactly one year ago, we decided we would have this baby and be a family.  (Mike celebrated by immediately going to buy me prenatal vitamin.)

Crazy.  Crazy to think for one second that Miles may not be here.  All the cliches you have heard about motherhood and all the love you feel are real. So often life changes slowly and gradually, parenthood is big and drastic and scary and awesome.

He is now 19 weeks old, 4 1/2 months old.  Those first couple of months were incredibly strange.  We celebrated every single milestone, but I was incredibly anxious.  I couldn’t guarantee Miles wouldn’t end up screaming 20 seconds in, and we would have to bail.

Right when he turned 4 months I could feel this gigantic shift happen.  We’re not in survival mode anymore.  Most of our days are incredibly predictable, except when Miles is having a Fuss Bucket Day… but those are few and far between.  We’re able to venture out and I know that I can handle anything Miles throws at me.  (We can.  Have I mentioned how damn lucky I am to have a real partner in all of this?  My husband is a champion baby whisper.)

Four months marked a lot of fun new things.  We got the okay to start solid foods.  He has been eating sweet potatoes and apple like crazy.  He gags when you give him peas.  But he really loves food that’s for sure, little Chub Bubs.

We have a ton of nicknames for him, none of which we thought of until he was here.  We call hims Bubs and The Bubs primarily.  Then we throw in Chub Bubs, Chub Bubblin’, and James Q. Wiggler.  We’re not sure he knows his real name.

He’ll sit in your lap while you read him stories.

He started rolling over on purpose (instead of accidentally).  Of course he chose to exercise his new skill while hanging out on the couch, and he ended up on the floor.  He was totally fine, more startled than anything, but now he is banished to the floor until further notice.

He has a regular sleep schedule, he sleeps from 6:30-6:30 and naps at 10am and 2pm.  More than anything Miles is just a TON of fun now.  He plays.  He laughs.  He twists his body around to see what you’re looking at. He is incredibly curious and observant.  He is all full of noises at home, but as soon as we’re out he tends to clam up because he’s so busy taking it all in.  We switched him over to his “big boy” forward facing stroller because he really wanted to see all that was going on around him.

He even has a Bestie.  Mason is 3 months older than Miles, but his Mom and I are becoming fast and fierce friends so the boys don’t really have much of a choice.  They will be friends and THEY WILL LIKE IT.

My favorite thing I want to remember about this age is how he wakes up.  In the morning we can hear him talking and playing in his crib, so we tip toe into his room.  When the lights are on and we peak over his crib and say “Good Morning!” he is all smiles.  So we pick him up talk to him while he grins and giggles.  If he sees himself in the mirror he’ll grin and turn to bury his head in my chest.  He’ll just snuggle for as long as you let him.  He’ll tell you stories.  Blow raspberries and laugh.  It’s the best.  I hope he always wants to snuggle me in the morning.

He changes so much all the time. He’s getting so big so quickly.   He used to be just a little peanut…


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