New Things!

Today is my last Monday at this job.  I have been here for almost 3 years and most of the time I have absolutely loved it, but then things started changing.  I work at a non-profit and every six months there were layoffs and budgets crises.  There was no where to be promoted to and there was no funding for anything even looking like a performance based raise.  But I got pregnant, so I knew that I had to stay put.  So I commuted the 1.5-2 hours every day while I was pregnant.  I tried to make the best of it and took the train, trying to convince myself that the train was a blast!

I came back to work part-time.  Still commuting.  Still stagnant career-wise.  So I started applying for new jobs in January.  After three rounds of maybe’s and interviews with companies that didn’t work out, one finally came through.  Proving right the thing I kept telling myself “The right job will work out.  If this one doesn’t work out, it wasn’t the right one for me.”

A week from today I start a new job.  Full-time, but only 8 minutes from my house.  The pay is significantly better, the perks boggle my mind, and I am pumped.  I will be doing Marketing Operations for a team that is part of Boston Scientific.  Miles will stay in the day care he is at now until summer comes, then Mike gets to spend the summer 1-on-1 with Miles.  In the fall we’ll be able to afford to send him to the best damn day care I could find.  It’s so nice that when I saw pictures online and thought to myself “Miles could really go here”, I cried.  This job is huge for our family.  A career change with so much room for growth and promotions.  I am so excited and nervous and mostly pinching myself that it’s happening.

Mike and I have been saying that AS SOON as I get a new job we wanted to turn a corner of our living room into a space for Miles.  His things have been haphazardly hanging out all over the apartment, mostly in the way.  So we celebrated the new job this past weekend by moving my desk and computer out of the living room and getting a few things to make the corner “Bubs Corner” (We call Miles Bubs, I’ve mentioned that right?).  When I got back from the store with the supplies Miles was napping so we got to set it all up without him knowing about it.

All it took was a mat and a mirror.

And Miles loved it.


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    • He thinks its another baby. Every time he sees himself in the mirror he gets REALLY excited like he’s thinking “OMG THANK GOODNESS MY BFF IS HERE! HI BFF! WHAT DID YOU EAT TODAY? I HAD SWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEET POTATOES!”

  1. Yay new job! I am reaching that point with my nonprofit job too- will be 4 years this summer and every time there is a staff meeting, I hold my breath to see what they are pulling out from under us. I commute an hour to work each way and figured out I’ve pretty much spent one year’s salary total on gas and car maintanence in the time I’ve worked at this position. I used to love every single moment- now I look forward to lunchtime and leaving more than anything else. So happy to hear it finally worked out for you and you got a new spot that makes you happy :)

  2. Hip hip hooray and congrats to you! I am so glad you have found a wonderful opportunity that will benefit your family so much. I imagine it’s hard enough leaving your child to go to work, but even harder when it’s something that your heart just isn’t it. I am really glad you found this opportunity! Way to go, you!

  3. Hooray and congratulations again on the new job. I think its fantastic that things worked out, you’ll be much closer to home and that you’ve made Miles his own little space. Those pictures are adorable!

  4. Congrats Bri! This sounds like a great and well deserved move on all fronts. I can’t imagine how much you are juggling with a new baby and now a new job but I’m sure you’ll take it all in stride. PS you guys make the cutest family!

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