Six Months of Mamahood

Miles is six months old.  I’ve been a Mama for six whole months, and I still sneak into his room at night sometimes to watch him sleeping.  He’s turning into such a little man and if I stop to think about it too much, I inevitably cry.  He eats real food now, just picks up chunks of banana or mango like it’s no big thing and puts them squarely in his mouth.  He makes hugely loud sounds that I call his Dino Roars.  He does it to get reactions out of people, and it works.  (Ask anyone in line at Starbucks this morning!) He is just so freaking funny!

He is mobile now.  Army crawling across the floor to poke Daddy in the face.  Diaper changes have turned into a wrestling match because AS SOON as you put him on his back he has flipped over so he can get his hands on ALL THE THINGS in the diaper changing bin.  He’ll go from cuddly to on-the-move in .3 seconds.  He belly laughs and flirts, flashing his dimple to unsuspecting women in the checkout aisle.

He is in the 90th percentile in height, 60th for weight.  Our chunk of  baby is turning into a long and lean little dude, but still doesn’t have a single tooth.


Being a mama has changed me.  (Duh?)  I knew it would, but I didn’t know how exactly.  My heart feels bigger and more fragile now that he’s here.  My world is smaller but a zillion times more beautiful.

I am enjoying simultaneously loving the age he is at, mourning the things he’s already left behind, and looking forward to everything that he will grow and do.  He already has SUCH a personality.  I want everyone to come and spend time with him so they can experience the glory of this happy, light-filled, boy.

Don’t even get me STARTED on how he lights up when Mike walks into the room.  His entire face.  Utter joy.

This little man made me a Mama.  I LOVE being a mama.  Every single thing about it.


When Amy was here for our race last weekend we talked about how I feel the urge to be Super Mom, Super Wife, and Super Employee at all times.  She helped me get to the point where I am okay with not having the time or (to be honest) the desire to start regularly working out right now.  The time will come for that, but right now I don’t want to miss time with Miles.  I can’t imagine being off running in the morning and missing his sweet baby snuggles.  So for now, we go for walks every day and I will practice some self-love until I really feel “in shape” again.


My first Mother’s Day was perfect.  I ran off with a girlfriend for a pedicure and then the family went out to the park for a picnic that Mike had planned.  The park we go to is super close to our house and is full of neighborhood families being adorable.  Miles is obsessed with going high on the swings and he laughs the higher he goes.

While we were sitting on our blanket I said to Mike that it was crazy to think about Miles one day being old enough to swing by himself and I’ll have to eventually trust that he won’t let go of the swing and fall.  Mike’s response: “And I am going to have to trust one day he will let go at the right time to do kick ass tricks.”

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  1. I’m right there with you on the self love thing, I need to more of that because I put so many things before myself as a 50% of the time mom! As for the rest of this? Love it all, up to and including Mike’s kick-ass comment.

  2. Man. TIME FLIES. I mean, it feels like just yesterday Miles was a BRAND NEW BABY and now you are telling me he’s mobile and eating banana. Next thing will be girls and calculus! It sounds like you are truly embracing and thriving as a mom- and the way you write about Miles makes me smile, you can so clearly tell how much you love him. So excited for you guys and I hope that with each passing milestone, we get to hear more about Miles! Happy Mom’s Day (A day late but really- it still counts!)

  3. This is beautiful, and he is absolutely adorable. I totally look forward to your instagrams! And by the way, you should be SO proud of yourself! You brought another human life into this world and you’re taking care of him and yourself and your hubs. That is pure awesome. Thanks for sharing this milestone! (ha! his name is in that word!)

  4. absolutely love this entire post. seriously those pictures slay me and i’m so happy you had such a wonderful mother’s day and that being miles’ mama is just as amazing as ever. also, his cheeks. that is all.

  5. Amen on the self love route! I actually just started working on a project called the I love myself project and it’s aimed at self love. I’m a new mommy to a three month old and you’ve summed up everything I’m feeling right now. I don’t want to miss anything!!

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