A house, a house, a house. #NaBloPoMo

Day 2: If you could live anywhere, where would it be?

We live in an apartment.  A 2 bedroom, 1 bath apartment with a tiny kitchen and stained carpets.  We stay because it fits us (in terms of size, not in terms of the stained carpets) and because the location cannot be beat.  We’re in our town’s towntown, where we can stroll to parks, restaurants, coffee, and even the library.  

Whenever there is a holiday event or street fair, we can simply walk there.  The neighborhood I live in is called “Old Town” and besides our complex, the area is full of cute houses with amazing old trees lining the streets.

If I could, I’d live here forever, but in a house.  Where everyone can walk to school and the neighborhoods shut down for block parties.  It feels like a movie, or something I hear happening in the mid-west.  Here in California, the suburbs can be a little more on the bland side.  There is character here.

I’d love to be in the house we could make our “forever” home.  Paint and a backyard.  Storage enough for tubs of seasonal decorations.

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  1. That’s one thing I *wish* I could do. Walk to events and coffee shops. There are places in STL where one can do that and we actually have talked about moving in a few years maybe to a place where we can. We’ll see… !

  2. that’s one thing i gave up when i bought a house in SF, but on the outskirts. i can walk to things, but it’s not centrally located or anything like that. :-) the weather on the peninsula is much nicer toooo.

  3. Your neighborhood sounds a lot like mine! I love being able to walk to whatever I need, and the majority of my friends are within strolling distance as well. In fact, that’s why I sold my car last summer…I just didn’t need it anymore. Love it.

  4. My brother, sister-in-law and niece live in one of these mythical houses you talk about in their town, where they can walk to Farmers’ Markets and museums and yoga studios, but they also have MASSIVE holiday decoration storage, a basement “man cave” and gym, and even a foyer. It will happen for you! I know it will.

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