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Oh blog.  Hello!  Nice to see you.  You definitely need a bit of a dusting and maybe some new curtains, but it’s nice to see you’re still technically here.


Since my last post:



  • We moved!  To San Diego!  About 6 weeks ago!  I will use these exclamation points when everyone is back in school and everyone just calms down!
  • Our new family motto is “Everyone Just Needs to Calm the Eff Down.”
  • We moved to be closer to Mr. A’s parents.  They’re amazing and I love them so hard.  They didn’t even blink an eye when I instituted a weekly family dinner immediately upon our arrival.  I just… really needed some routine and ritual as soon as possible.
  • Moving away from my friends and family was insanely hard.  I cried a lot.  Duh.
  • Being in San Diego feels like I have breathing room again.  Less pressure.  Friendlier people.  I have not a single ounce of doubt that this was the right move for us.
  • I am still in the same job, working out of our swanky (empty) 3rd Bedroom (I’m so alone).  Mike got a killer job at a new school and starts in August.  Miles just started his transition into a new Montessori school yesterday. (Spoiler Alert: He loves it.)
  • We got a mini-van about two months before deciding to move to San Diego, because of the drive from San Jose to San Diego.  So, that’s cool.  That DVD player is totally getting all the use we intended…. not.
  • We’ve been trying to add Baby #2 for a while now, but 4 miscarriages later with no explanation, I have turned into a rather happy hippy.  All organic, supplement ingesting, natural deodorant wearing, happy hippy.  (I think my body didn’t particularly enjoy the stress it was under that past year and wasn’t that into the idea of carrying a child.  I think things could be better now that we’re here but even if we never have another child I am pretty sure my family is going to be better of with better food in our bellies and a calmer way of living.)


  • Miles is now almost four years old.  I skipped right on through the two’s and most of the three’s and what do I have to show for it?  Well, I guess there’s this kid:

ice cream kid

  • Miles is, as his teacher described him, “a very social, very silly, stereotypical boy’s boy with a sensitive side that it real.”  That’s right.  Despite all my goals of creating a family without gender stereotypes he seems to heavily gravitate to things like sports, trucks, pirates, and dirt.  Although, I would like to point out that he additionally loves a good pedicure and loves fairies too.
He's a pirate fairy.  Obvs.
He’s a pirate fairy. Obvs.
  • He is stubborn and crazy and loves a good audience to misbehave in front of.  He likes pop music and when he asks to go to the park he always says he has a “park meeting to go to”.  He cried this morning when he woke up and I wasn’t there (He climbs into our bed in the middle of the night without fail).  The solution was cuddling.  This guy loves cuddling.
  • I have learned a lot about parenting since last I wrote here, and I plan on writing more about all those things.  I think the biggest thing I have learned is that I really only know how to parent my own kid.  And to read as much as humanly possible about various forms of parenting and child development and then throw as much as you can at your particular child until you find what fits.  For example, Miles goes to bed super easy, will try any food you put in front of him, hasn’t actually thrown a horrible tantrum in public in ages, and he met his new teacher last week and shook her hand like a little gentleman.  I’d love to take credit for all of those things, but aside from developing a pretty good amount of trust in terms of the food I serve him being not-too-spicy-I-promise, this kid is his own person.  You know?
  • He’s super weird and gets really upset when things are “unjust”.  That’s more of “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree”.  Ha.

Ok.  That’s a nice ramble to start with.

7 Responses to “Life as of Now”

  1. I’m glad you’re writing again — or that you, at least, wrote today. I’ve always had a blog crush on you…and you seem really happy. I’m sorry to hear about the miscarriages. I’m glad you like your in-laws. Miles looks like a super fun kid.

    In conclusion, if you keep writing, you definitely have one reader. :)

  2. + 1 reader here too! I found your blog when you were pregnant with Miles and I was pregnant with my daughter. You were one of my favorite pregnancy blogs to read. Would be awesome to hear more from you, but I understand how life can get in the way when you have a little person dictating your days. :) Miles sounds like a hoot!

    So sorry to hear about your miscarriages. We’ve been trying for baby #2 and have had two losses in the last year. We’ve just finished with all the testing, and like you, no red flags. Just trying to take it one day at a time and enjoy the sweet girl I do have. Hugs.

  3. Glad to see you blogging again. I’m sorry you’re having fertility issues. :( sending love your way.

    Where abouts in SD? We are in Poway and also have a son named Miles. :)

  4. So excited that you’re writing again…. I think you stopped just when I had started to read your blog! :)
    I am looking forward to reading more about your life in San Diego (I am only slightly jealous ;)).

    Miles is such a fun kid!

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