Mama Needs a Brand New Wardrobe

Until my clothes fit again I have been trying to selectively pick out some super awesome tops that I can wear to work that are forgiving on my middle region.

I had heard about Stylemint, but was kind of apprehensive because the shirts are designed by Mary Kate and Ashley.. and I do not even kind of look like them…and sometimes I think they (or one of them?) looks a little homeless.  No offense.

BUT the cool thing about Stylemint is that you answer questions about your style then YOU get to browse through shirts that fit your style.  Everything is 29.99.

After you order your first one, you’ll get an email every month with new style suggestions.  You can either pick one, or decide not to get a shirt that month.   It’s like a shirt birchbox that you get complete control of.  Then you get some styling pointers and you are off!

This is the shirt I picked out for myself:

What do you think?


Office Attire.

My boss made fun of me this morning, she said I was dressed for summer. I said it was wishful thinking.

This whole “bay area cold-summer” thing is kind of killing me. It’s always overcast and sprinkling in the morning. The area here is so so so green because of it…. but it’s weird to not have it feel like summer.

Anyhow. I swear I will get back into some good posts for you soon. I just haven’t felt up to writing lately in publishable format, but my paper journal is getting full!