Squiggle Hearts and Nights Set on Fire

Umm, hi.  So, there’s a boy and I am smitten.  This weekend was an intense whirlwind of amazing and I am trying to put it into words while doing it justice… but I am failing miserably at describing what it feels to have a normal night catch on fire.  Sigh.  So, here’s what I know… Day 3.  This post is brought to you by the bullet point.

  • I am thinking about him all the time.  He is thinking about me all the time.  How do I know this you ask?  Because we unabashedly tell each other all the time how much we like each other and how much we think about each other.  Swoon.
  • Intense feelings.
  • He knows all about THIS (I’m gesturing wildly at the whole of the internet) and he digs it.  He also learned the hard way that I can tell when people are reading my archives, at 4:30am on a Sunday morning.  Opps.
  • We tease each other mercilessly, and every time he does it, I like him more.
  • He does this thing with his thumb on my chin when we kiss that MELTS ME.
  • He geeks out just about as hardcore as I do.  When he geeks out he rambles and his eyes dance.  I would like my life to be full of that.
  • He’s taking everything I am telling him and filing it away.  I’ve never had anyone put so much effort into knowing all the facts so quickly.  Last night, he described my eyes in detail: complete with the amber flecks around my pupils. 
  • He makes me nervous, and then he calls me out on having sweaty hands.
  • He made me a mixed CD… and that’s when I learned he draws hearts like a blind person.  Which may be the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.
  • We are simultaneously SO SIMILAR in how we think and process life, while also being almost completely different in interests.  I am loving all the middle ground we have been finding though.
  • He tells it like it is.  No games.  No guessing.  I leave him knowing when I will see him next.  It is the easiest thing I have ever done, easy as breathing. 
  • My hand feels at home in his.
  • We already have a song.  I played it on repeat all morning.  
  • He has caught me completely off-guard.

Men of Bri’s DVR.

When I began this post this morning, it had no theme… and now it does. Hooray!

  • How did I live without a DVR? I mean, seriously. I love that I don’t have to be home to catch my favorite show(s) and I absolutely love being able to fast forward through commercials. I was telling my bestie the other day that DVR actually saves time, so it’s amazing.
  • Speaking of my DVR, I finally watched Monday’s premiere of House. OMG, this show is going to be so great this season. Cannot even wait. I have mentioned here that I have an insane crush on Hugh Laurie. I mean, come on, he’s so flipping sexy.
  • Would you like to know which show is NOT awesome this year? One Tree Hill. That’s right I said it. I should have quit last season, when they had the dog eat the transplant heart. But, I am not going to lie, I’ll probably keep recording it. Would you like to know why? I bring you exhibit A:
Why Hellloooooo Robert Buckley.
  • I also really like this fine gentleman from “Drop Dead Diva”. I really like Drop Dead Diva, for the record. It’s on Sunday nights on Lifetime.

Readers I present to you Jackson Hurst.
  • Hmmm, looking back on this post it turned into a completely themed post. I should call this one “Men who Bri likes to look at”.
  • Let’s see, who else is important in my DVR viewing schedule?

Matt Czuchry. I love you. (His new show “The Good Wife” premiered last night)
What can I say, I’m a fool for sarcasm and intelligence.

Love. Love. Love.

Who am I missing? Who are your DVR dates?!

Quote Love

This quote IS Spencer. Funny story. I have a thing for creative men. Like whoa. And I am dating the most creative man right now. And he is the reason I started writing back in high school. We dated for a year when I was 16, and I began to fill journals with things. (BTW remind me to tell you how he broke up with me back then. It is the WORST line ever.) Anyway, I filled pages with quotations that really GOT how I felt. There is so much power in having the words to adequately express yourself. And it was falling in love when I was 16 that pushed me to FIND THE WORDS. I was bursting at the seams with all these emotions I had never felt before! I needed to name them! Since then, I have filled dozens of journals with my thoughts, and with other people words. And now I am falling for him all over again, and its SO FREAKING COOL.

Passion is just not a negotiable character trait. And I love that Spencer feels the same way, because I don’t think life could ever be boring living that way. As I am rebuilding, redefining, etc post-horrendous break up, I know that having his voice in my ear telling me to find my passions and not to be afraid is the most amazing thing anyone could do for me right now. He is life altering.

Steps to AWESOME.

Ryan left for the evening, expecting me to be slaving away at the computer working on thesis stuff.

But in reality… I kissed him goodbye and watched him drive away AND I took the night off. And I did it in a way that I only get to do when I am home alone.

Steps to A PERFECT night in.

Step 1. Comfy pants.

Step 2. Bra off.

Step 3. Bacardi Pomegranate MojitoStep 4. The crucial step. Watch a horridly awful Disney original movie, or similar made-for-tv business.

Tonight’s winner: Another Cinderella Story.

I LOVE horrible teen movies. I loved the Disney channel when I was in high school. I watched WAY to much Lizzie Maguire for my age… but whatevs.

Oh and BOY was it good. I spent my entire high school life having sleepovers with my best friends every month when there was a Disney Original Movie Premiere. We watched some quality television- “Luck of the Irish” “Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century”?!!

This was along the same lines… but I got to drink booze while watching this time– which was exponentially better BTW. It did make me miss my best friends though!!

The movie was especially good, cause Andrew Seeley is SUPER CUTE! And Selena Gomez was super cute too.

All I am saying is that he is NOT unattractive.

Hope everyone had a wonderful evening too!!!!!!!!!!!