Rita Hayworth gave great face.

I had an AMAZING time in LA and while I would love to tell you all about it.  It is going to have to wait until tomorrow so I can catch up on le emails at the office.  (Abridged version includes: Glee Party, Adam Levine, and a guy with “I eat pussy” tattooed about his lips re-piercing my nose when I just wanted to change the stud).  One of my closest friends here in the bay area was on a trip to Southern California too, so instead of calling each other were sent pictures of ourselves doing fun things.  It’s actually a pretty accurate representation of the weekend.

San Diego Zoo Monkey face
Stuck in traffic face.

Josh is having hummus for dinner face.

Bri is eating goldfish for dinner face.
 Beach Volleyball faces.
Free coffee face.
So many dead bugs on my windshield face.
Finally here and having a drink face.
Too early to be awake face.
Long boarding in So Cal face.
I used to teach in this lecture hall face.
Bri says funny things face.
Huge margarita face.
Starbucks for the 4th time this trip face.
Mimosa face.
Riding dirt bike face.
12 people at brunch face.
Anthony thinks about adopting the jumper trend face.
Back seat face.
Going to fancy dinner face.
Driving home with Justin Bieber face.